Editor's Letter

Editor’s Letter: March 2013

by Grace Bonney

I think in some ways I’ve been more excited about this month than any other on the calendar. Not because I’m particularly fond of March’s weather, but because we decided early on this year that March would have a theme that is near and dear to our hearts: Family & Pets. Our team is incredibly tight-knit and if there’s one thing we all love as much as design, it’s animals. Cats, dogs and other furry friends are discussed on a semi-obsessive basis around our office, so much so that we’re still seriously considering using our office space as a shelter home for in-need pets. So when we talked about dedicating this month to family, we knew our animal family would be a part of that.

One of the major reason I’m so happy to focus on homes, interviews and projects that have to do with family is because I come from a very small one. Growing up without any siblings, I got the chance to spend more time with my parents than I think a lot of children do. And while I sometimes miss not having a sister or brother to call and check in with, I am incredibly grateful to have the sort of relationship with my parents that continues to be close to this day.

I see myself as a direct 50/50 split between both of my parents (although my chin is 100% Dad). My father is a bright and dedicated small business owner and photographer and my mom is a nurturing and creative woman who has always created a home that felt welcoming and safe. Together the two of them created a world for me that made me feel as if anything was possible- if you were willing to work for it. And I’ve tried to do just that. The “can do” spirit I hold dear in myself is most definitely a product of their love and support.

In addition to my family at home, I feel just as honored to have built a family here at Design*Sponge. Max, Amy and the rest of our team are like the sisters and brothers I didn’t have growing up. We laugh, we disagree, we have fun, we help each other out and we genuinely care about each others happiness and well-being. That’s the sort of bond I don’t take lightly and I’m exited to celebrate here on D*S this month. We all have a different sense of what family means to us, and I hope you’ll share some of those ideas with us here in March. From DIY projects that highlight family names to interviews with crafters who focus on family collages and portraiture, we’re hoping to fill your screens with ways to commemorate and appreciate the people- and pets- that make up your world.

Thank you for being a part of our Design*Sponge family, as well. This site and team wouldn’t be the same without the amazing people who share with us here every day. Your comments, tweets, funny photos and sincere emails make us feel as if we’re not writing and sharing into a void- but into a real and passionate community of people that we truly know and love. And even if we disagree, laugh, cry or send a virtual hug to one another, I know we’re in some ways still a real online family. One that I am, from the bottom of my heart, truly grateful to have. Love, Grace

*The image above contains some of my most cherished family members, my parents, my grandparents, my grandmother, Amy & Max and my 10-year companion- my cat, Turk.

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  • Very sweet. I have one brother and we are very close, but I understand your sentiments as a military wife. I now have “family” all over the world because of the amazing friendships we nurture…military and civilian. Can’t wait for the month of posts! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Aw, it’s great to see you guys get on so well in your office. It’s a great site, and I’m not being sycophantic there. The design ideas are really excellent, and I’m still in need of hunting down one of those toast plates! Have a great weekend, and month too of course!

  • Grace, Thanks for lovely post.
    I have started following your blog recently and it is great being part of it even as a reader. Have a great month ahead..

  • I’m an only child too from a set of amazingly nurturing parents who I’m incredibly close with as well. I think being an only child only fostered my vibrant imagination and allowed me to find foster siblings later in life. I’m really looking forward to reading the blog this month!

  • I’m so excited about this series! Family is HUGE for me, and animals are definitely a part of it. The way you talked about your parents just made my heart smile :)

  • Your cat looks EXACTLY like my cat and I think I have a picture of her doing the same exact thing. For a second I thought you had gotten a picture of my cat and posted it on your blog!

  • Oh! Grace, you mad me cry! It is so nice to read about your experience and I found myself a bit (i don’t have siblings either). And my husban and I we have also just one kid and we spend a lot of time with him, so I read your post and suddenly I though about how my son could feel when he will be an adult (he’s just 2) and that’s was a moving feeling… Can I send you a drawing of our family to one of or your DS * e-mails contacts? I would love to do it.
    We have a cat too who is also a big part of our little family :) Thanks for share this with us.

  • I like your website-just stumbled upon it on a google search for inspiring interior design. I am a graphic designer and your website itself is I N S P I R I N G

  • Dear Grace,

    Thank you for dedicating the month of March to the theme of Family & Pets. The two go hand in hand, and Design*Sponge does a terrific job of celebrating the human-animal bond. I was thrilled and honored to see my Cat Lady Chronicles featured as a favorite book on animals! Many thanks from one Cat Lady to another.