Easter Baskets & Eggs 3 Ways

Last December we decided to tackle Christmas tree decorating as a team. Max, Amy and I each decorated the exact same tree three very different ways. We had so much fun seeing how each other’s styles translated into tree decoration that we decided to apply the same concept to another holiday: Easter! Using the same corner store eggs and $1.99 plastic baskets from CVS, we came up with three different DIY ideas for decorating eggs for the season. Whether you’re looking for something soft and neutral (Amy), graphic and intense (Max) or shimmery and metallic (Grace), we’ve got you covered. Read on for the full how-to steps after the jump! xo, grace

Grace’s Egg How-to

I’m obsessed with gilded anything. So to make these eggs, I tried a few different versions of copper leafing and settled on a technique I found on Jennifer from Ambrosia Girl’s site. It involves dyeing the eggs, then using liquid adhesive/size (which comes in the metallic leafing kit) to cover portions of the eggs. After the size dries a bit, you apply the leaf, let it fully dry and then remove the excess with your fingers. I used Martha Stewart’s “Lake Fog” paint to cover the basket.

Max’s Egg How-to

While I love all the color that comes with Easter, I thought it would be fun to go in the totally opposite direction with my basket. I’ve been loving black and white lately, so I decided to go with a monochrome palette and create graphic intrigue through bold pattern. To create these eggs, I covered plastic eggs with paper mache — strips of newspaper that have been dipped in a water/glue mixture. After the paper mache dried, I painted the eggs with black acrylic paint followed by various patterns with white acrylic. For the finishing touch, I placed the eggs in a black spray-painted basket filled with crumpled strips of bright white paper. -Max

Amy’s Egg How-to

I was inspired by a leftover ribbon from a previous floral post and decided to focus on a neutral theme. I wrapped the ribbon around the bag, securing it with hot glue. Then I added simple brass tacks as a decorative detail. For the eggs, I started with natural brown eggs and used a white paint pen to add patterns to each one. -Amy


all so cool- though i like to hard boil my eggs and only decorate them with stuff that doesn’t ruin them for eatin’.


LOVE Grace’s eggs. I wish my walls could look like that. It would make an epic wallpaper. Gorgeous eggs-one of my favorite color combos!