D*S Team Pets 2013!

Two years ago, I decided to do a random homage to the furry friends that share lap(top) time with our D*S team. We enjoyed sharing our dogs, cats and chickens with you so much that we decided to do it again this year. This is the final week of March and our last chance to squeeze in a few more posts under the family and pets theme, so in addition to sharing our team’s pets this year, we’re also sharing YOUR adorable pets later today with the results of our March Instagram challenge. If I didn’t already think this was the greatest job in the world, getting to sift through hundreds of cute pet pictures for work definitely made it that. Before we jump into our pet winners, here are the fuzzy faces and wet noses that keep us company while we blog. xo, grace

Images above: Linus and Mekko, Max’s dogs

Image above: Erin from Foret Flowers’ dog, Olive

More team pets after the jump!

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Image above: Amy’s cats, Loki & Freya

Image above: Grace’s cat, Turk

Image above: Sarah’s dog, Ruby

Image above: Shannon’s cats, Frida and Julie

Image above: Erica’s dog, Nona, in a post-surgery t-shirt

Image above: Ashley English’s cats, Harold and Maude

Image above: Caitlin’s rescue dog, Rex

Image above: Brett’s cat, Fifi

Image above: Anne’s traveling gnome

Image above: Stephanie’s pup, Harvey


What kind of dog is Linus? I have a dog that looks very similar, but she is a rescue, so we don’t know what breed mix she might be!

Jolanda van der Wagt van Wingerden

I think they are all handsome pets, but I adore the picture of Olive (and her name).


HA! I’m not a pet person because I can barely take care of myself and my kids but I love that picture of Olive! So cute.


Ohhhhh all of these pets are so cute, but I definitely have a special soft spot for miss Olive. Bostons 4 life!

Meg Sylvia

How adorable! Linus looks a lot like my dog Oliver as well, except white! (He’s a Bichon -Yorkie mix)


My heart just exploded from cuteness. I also have a Boston (Arlo) and he also cocks his head far to the side like that– especially while soliciting treats. They’re so funny.


I have just read Linus’ rescue story – thank goodness there are compassionate people like Daniel and Max in this world to help make up for all the other unmentionables. What a happy, lucky and beautiful little dog Linus turned out to be.


I’ll take Harold and Maude any time. Not that I’d turn away any of them.

Miss Heliotrope

Cats with the names of Norse gods – seriously fab.

Mind you, we love our Widmerpool.