DIY St. Patrick’s Day Floral Pin

For some reason I can remember what St. Patrick’s Day was like in high school as if it were yesterday. I was an impossibly uptight and nervous student and dreaded most holidays at school because they seemed to come with an accessory or head piece I didn’t want to wear. St. Patrick’s Day came with the whole “if you’re not wearing green, you get pinched” rule, so I would always spend the day shrugging around corners, hoping not to be noticed. I went through something of a Wednesday Addams phase, so the idea of wearing green just didn’t work for me. After a few years of being pinched by everyone and anyone (including my German teacher!), I decided to give in and wear a blinky shamrock pin that seemed to protect me from pinches. So I thought I’d reinterpret that pin in a way that fits my style today — with flowers. Using a mix of berzillia, helleborus and thlaspi, I tied together a quick and easy floral pin that I would be proud to wear around my office building halls any day. No pinching, please. xo, grace

How-to: Layer the thlaspi and berzillia on top of each other and place a single helleborus flower on top. Secure with floral twine and tie a green ribbon around the wire to cover. You can hot-glue a pin to the back of the ribbon or use a straight or stick pin to attach it to your shirt.

Sue Schlabach

I love the pin and would proudly wear it too, but am in love with the baubled sweater. Care to share where it’s from? I’m not sure I could pull it off with my knitting abilities.

Emer Molloy

Such a terrific idea. Much better than trying to source Shamrocks. Even here in Ireland that is hard to do!


That is beautiful! Such a far cry from what comes to my mind when I think about St. Patty’s Day, which is silly college kids drinking beer in excess. Way to keep it classy as usual, Grace!


Hi Grace! Love to pin but OBSESSED with the sweater. Please let us know so we can all rush out and buy it! :)


I am joining the masses in asking about the sweater!!! So hoping that it is this years and hasn’t sold out!


oh so pretty! i need to replicate it wiht false flowers and greenery for my darn allergies but olly this is the bees knees!