DIY Kitty Silhouette Decal

by Amy Azzarito

There was no way I could let family (and pet!) month go by without another cat-themed project. After becoming obsessed with the kitty jewelry from Bittersweets New York, I knew that I wanted to create a project based on Robin’s cat silhouette. This project uses waterslide paper to create a simple decal. If you get tired of your decal, it just peels away from the wall. Thanks to Robin for the kitty silhouette! — Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

Get the full directions after the jump!




1. Print kitty silhouette onto the clear waterslide paper. Allow the printout to dry thoroughly.

2. Spray the Krylon on the waterslide paper so that the artwork is completely covered. Allow the Krylon to set for 30 to 60 minutes. You want the sheet to have a sheen (this may require multiple coats).

3. Cut away the excess paper surrounding the artwork.

4. Fill a bowl with water and completely submerge the waterslide paper. It will start to separate from the paper, but don’t let the paper slide off completely. (I found it was easier if you let the paper soak for less time — just a few seconds).

5. While the decal is still slightly wet, slowly pull the paper away from the decal and then place the decal on the wall, sliding it around until it is exactly where you want it to go. Working from the middle, smooth out any air bubbles with your fingers.

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