DIY Cat Magnets

When I stumbled upon a package of 12 mini cats on Amazon, they were in my cart before you could say, “Who would order a bunch of miniature plastic cats?” I figured that when it came to mini cats, one should buy first and think later. It only took a minute of having these beauties in my possession to come up with a project. After years of keeping all my photos online only, I’ve been on a kick of printing out photos and sticking them to my refrigerator. I decided that these mini cats would make the perfect magnets. It’s my favorite kind of project — super simple and cat inspired. (Oh and if you’d like to do this with dogs, I’ve got you covered right here.) — Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

See the full how-to after the jump . . .




1. Spray paint the cats any color of your choosing and let dry according to package instructions.

2. For those cats you’d like to be coming out of the refrigerator, simply use the scissors (and some muscle) to snip them in half.

3. Use the Gorilla Glue to adhere the Tiny Mighties magnets in place.

4. Stick your magnet on your fridge!

Jenn Staz

Very cute and so simple. I will totally think of this when looking at any little plastic toys from now on when thinking of little presents for friends. Thinking of a dinosaur spinoff!


What a purrfect DIY. Can you please share which specific spray paint you used for the gold/copper cats?


“…they were in my cart before you could say ‘who would buy of bunch of miniature plastic cats?’ ” – Quote of the Day.

Also this project is adorable. I’m thinking Gold Miniature Plastic Farm Animals.

Carrie F

Um, this is all sorts of amazing! I will have to do this on an upcoming rainy weekend. You can never have enough cat magnets!


It’s the spray paint that makes them so incredible. I think. I LOVE them.

Grace Bonney


ha- agreed. amy through that would look better and she was right. i originally liked them in their colorful plastic version, but this looks WAY cooler ;)



so many things I love about this post! ‘figured that when it came to mini cats, one should buy first and think later’ think this may well be my moto for life
Fritha x


Cat lovers unite! Love this project! Plastic cats, here I come!

Grace Bonney

those look great, catherine! we’ve oddly got a stash of plastic animals (leftover from max’s back to school shoot last year) and were dying to find a way to use them. your zoo animals give me hope that the plastic dinosaurs we have sitting in our prop box might look cute with a coat of gold paint, too ;)


Bérangère Bouffard

ADORE!!! Oh the possibilities! I think ZOO animals! Dinosaurs!!! Is it normal for me to be 42 and super giddy about this project!? :D Thank you! My daughters will worship me!


Moments after reading this, my boyfriend caught me spaced out and staring across the room. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Oh, just thinking of objects that I can paint gold. Like these amazing cat magnets, see?!” I don’t think he gets it.


Good Post!!
Enjoyed reading this, my nephew love playing with cat toy, I will definitely try out this.

Amy Azzarito

Hahaha, Cindy! We get it! I think we go through more gold spray paint at the d*s office than almost anything else! xoAmy


Cute! I think you guys did another post once on the animal magnets because I remember pointing out this super awesome Etsy shop that does the heads and butts.

I think this shop focuses more on using the two magnets as escort card holders, but your example is a fun twist to show the side of the animal.


How sweet! Also such funny timing. I just posted a similar tutorial on my blog using African mammals and dinosaurs!


I love this project! I am always finding plastic toys in the dollar bins around town.. perfect with a coat of spray paint. I love the DIY section!!! Loved meeting you at west elm market Amy.. you are just as nice in person as you seem on DS.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Kristie! I was so nice meeting you too! And your little ones! :) I loved talking to you. It was a good group. :) xo Amy


I would probably keep then natural. They are so different and cute.


Love this idea! Totally going to give these out as Christmas gifts. Thank you for making my shopping so easy!
A few questions…
1- where can I buy the same spray paint? I’m afraid if don’t use the same they won’t come out as well? (Has anyone had success with anything other than the Montana kind?)
2- how did you get the things that say “meow” and “cat magnets”? I’m wondering maybe I could make magnets similar to those somehow to give with the magnets…
3- how many kitties would you give away in a set as a gift? I have too many cat people in my life… Clearly I’m going to be a magnet making elf between now and Christmas!


Crap, mine won’t dry!? They’ve been sitting for well over a month and are still tacky; the gold rubs off with the slightest touch. Tried a clear coat but it ruins the metallic look…

Is anyone else having this issue? What’d you do to solve it? Or, if I try it again, what can I do to avoid this?

Amy Azzarito

Lindsay – They should dry right away. Certainly not take a month. Can you wash the paint off and try again. It sounds like you got them too wet. It’s better to do more coats with a light spray rather than on really, really heavy coat.


Amy, thanks so much for the quick tip! I was attributing it to the sticky Charleston weather… instead, I’ll clean ‘em off and start again with lighter sprays. Thanks :)