Custom Family Portraits on Etsy

In honor of family month, I thought it would be fun to look at all the different options that exist for custom portraits online. From watercolors and line drawings to oil paintings and pastels, there are dozens and dozens of artists on Etsy that offer beautiful custom portraits for anyone who feels like the traditional family photo isn’t quite their style. My favorite thing about these new, modern portraits is how openly they embrace all variations of families (including those with pets rather than children) and offer a great range of price points. I’ve chosen my 11 favorites above and below, but if you have a favorite that I missed, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! xo, grace

Image above: Custom portrait by Elisabeth McNair, $325 (also a D*S Scholarship winner!)

Custom portrait by Katie Turner, $300

9 more portrait options continue after the jump . . .

Custom portrait by Kinderling, $275

Custom portrait by Kadie Foppiano, $160

Custom portraits by PaperPlants, $68

Custom portrait by Sian Keegan, $250

Custom portrait by Tuesday Bassen, $250

Custom portrait by Mandy Cave, $125

Custom portrait stamps by FAWA, $35

Custom portrait by Fia Igelstrom, $150

Custom portrait by Lisa Nelson, $45

Lauren Penn

Love these! I’m so excited to see my friend Mandy Cave featured today! What a treat. Ya’ll should also check out her pet portraits. Her full portfolio is at


I can’t remember if it was a birthday or Christmas present, but my boyfriend (now fiancé) commissioned a family portrait of him and I from Rosy Designs. Rosy was lovely and let him add a little kitty Audrey into the print. It was our first family portrait. Now that we have added to our family with another fur baby, we are looking for another kind of illustrated family portrait. These artists are a great place to start! Thanks!

Here is the print he customized to us.


awesome. i would love to have something like this done for my family one day


Nice that there are large variations in price. I do wonder how many people can afford $300+ for custom portraits in this day and age with this economy and
uncertainty and especially with the lack of house hold savings in America.


I guess I’m the only one who’s not a huge fan of the theme this month. It feels like I’m on the wrong blog, too twee for me. Looking forward to April.

Grace Bonney


I don’t see how celebrating family + pets are twee. That said, if they’re not your cup of tea, we still have plenty of regular D*S content (Sneak Peeks, History, Makeovers, Recipes, etc.) that don’t have to do with cats. We also have some more interviews and posts on family portraits coming up that are more traditional portraiture if it’s the style of these portraits that bothers you. Twee means excessively sentimental or sweet and to me, these are just a normal amount of sentimental, i.e: acknowledging your family in picture form.



Love it! I just finished a portrait of my son and love seeing all the fun and unique styles out there. I think these are the perfect way to commemorate a family!

Benjamin Holcomb

These are wonderful. I spent last Saturday getting sketches at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. Comic and Indie artists charge $50-200 per sketch, so the ability to get finished art (via Etsy) at these prices sounds like a great deal!


So cute, but I wish there were a few non-white faces in the bunch. :(

Grace Bonney


I was working with the photos on the artists’ Etsy pages but I agree and I’ll try harder to find some shops without our style that feature more families of color :)



I had a custom portrait made of me and my partner by They are not “realistic” but more inspired/whimsical. I would warn that I don’t think she does curly hair in a way that reads curly :) but otherwise we were very pleased with the outcome – it was super creative.


Love the idea and the portraits – certainly not twee! I may get one of me and my cats for the newly acquired house :-)


yay! thank you so much for featuring my little “fawa” etsy shop with custom hand carved rubber stamp portraits, its so much fun to make them, thank you! :-)


Thanks to Lori for her comment, wish there was a like button, and to Sarah for providing an option and to Grace for working on it.

Doni Conner

Yay for Elisabeth McNair! One of the very talented illustrators coming out of Atlanta. I had the honor of being an illustration instructor while she attended Portfolio Center. I am super proud of her!!

Doni Conner

Yay for Elisabeth McNair! Such great talent coming out of Atlanta. I had the honor of being an illustration instructor while she attended Portfolio Center. So proud of her!


These portraits are so sweet! Someone else to consider is the lovely Meg Zandi behind Radical Possibility she’s currently on holidays, but she has a few portraits posted on her blog – These , these , and the my favourite, this one

Christine Pensa

Absolutely FABULOUS theme. I enjoyed looking through each and every one of them. 19 years ago I had a folk art sculpture of my husband, my son and me made. I still love looking at it each and every day. That’s why art is worth it. Visual joy.