Color Palettes: Greens & Blues

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, but few things inspire me as much as jewelry design. Aside from wall hangings and woven textiles, jewelry is my favorite source of color palette inspiration because gemstones feature so many shades and shimmery dimensions of color. My favorite jeweler is, without a doubt, Caitlin Mociun, so I’m constantly creeping on her Tumblr page, looking at the custom designs she creates for clients. The ring above caught my eye yesterday, so I immediately decided to round up some furniture and accessories that capture the color palette. From rich velvet pillows to tiny gray salt shakers, I tried to find something to match each facet of the ring’s stones. I added paint colors at the bottom in case you’re in the mood for a change on your walls. Greens always feel so cool and springy to me, so it’s the perfect time to consider a change. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Velvet Pillow, $233 | 2. Willendorf Bottle, $50 | 3. Sig Side Tables, $195+ | 4. Soap Rock, $11 | 5. Salt & Pepper Shakers, $25 | 6. Notecard Set, $28 | 7. Cindy Lamp, $289 | 8. Terrarium Person, $150 | 9. Block Table Cart, $295 | 10. Leather Keychain, $16 | Paint colors, left to right: Wisdom by Behr, Calypso by Sherwin Williams, St. Patty’s Day by Benjamin Moore, Saguaro by Sherwin Williams, Sheer Bliss by Benjamin Moore


i love everything about this. i just discovered mociun recently and am smitten!

Jenni Bailey

Beautiful. We are putting a lot of greens and blues in our new house. I call it our “Earth seen from above” palette.


That mociun ring is out of this world! I pinned the same one probably 6 months ago, and have gone back to stare at it’s glory many many times. I’d love to have a room in my house inspired by that beauty! This color scheme is so regal and luxurious, kind of makes me think of a peacock!

Rachel L. Ritter

Love all the colors in that ring. Big into geometrics right now, aren’t we all? So definitely loving those side tables. Great post!