Before & After: Breakfast Nook Makeover

When people attempt home makeovers, there is often an impulse to embrace the over side of the phrase. To turn around previously shabby spaces, homeowners can find themselves locked into thinking that deep colors, statement pieces and frivolous ornamentation are the way to go. While the Extreme Makeover approach certainly does suit some spaces, making under rather than making over can be just as, if not more, effective. Just ask Liz, the blogger behind ELA’s Smile. When tasked with transforming her new home’s breakfast nook, she took the exact opposite approach of the previous owners, who had painted the area a brash green and fuchsia combo. The new look is the pared-down antithesis of its previous incarnation. Even though Liz retained traditional styling for the furniture, her constrained color palette and minimal detailing are totally modern, lending the space a much-needed breath of fresh air. She was able to include an eye-catching element of color with a DIY patterned rug beneath her breakfast table. For more images and the rug DIY, continue after the jump! — Max

Above image: Liz added color to her breakfast nook by stenciling a bold pattern onto a blank rug. Check out her DIY here!

Nicole_ bold goods

Wow. As a quilter who is often crouching on the floor basting my quilts, I totally respect the back-breaking work of that beautiful DIY rug. And the bravery of a white rug in the breakfast nook!


That rug!! It really does something to the whole room, and the fact that it was DIY makes it even better.

Rose Duggan

I’ve wanted to stencil a rug all year and I’ve been stalking that IKEA white rug but it’s not at the Pittsburgh IKEA. It IS at the Brooklyn IKEA though…

Julie Alexander

Fabulous! I’ve been a follower of Liz for quite some time. Her blog is so ingenious and inspirational I have to check it out at least 2-3 times a week to see what’s new. Love the rug!