After the Jump: The Importance of Being Present (MP3)

by Grace Bonney

Every now and then, radio shows seem to form subconsciously in my mind and appear precisely when I need to hear them myself. Last week’s health scare really rattled me and forced me to examine all the ways in which I wasn’t taking my own advice about work/life balance. Not only was I weighing myself down with fears about future deadlines and commitments, but I was also forgetting to enjoy the day-to-day parts of my job that I absolute loved and missed.

Inspired by a wonderful book I’m reading right now, I decided to devote today’s solo show to a topic that I think is helpful to everyone, business owners and non-business owners alike: Being Present. I’ve learned so much lately about the importance of really focusing, being present and appreciating what you have, and it’s slowly but surely started to affect my happiness, productivity and ability to be a good team leader. Whether you’re just starting out or are in the home stretch of business ownership, this topic is valuable at any stage. Focusing on truly being present with your work (and life) not only improves the quality of your work and business, but also ensures you’ll have them for years to come. Thanks so much to everyone for listening, and to everyone who inspired me to produce this episode. xo, grace

LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here or stream here on Heritage Radio.

An After the Jump tradition, My Top 5 Obsessions of the moment are after the jump . . .

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  • Here are my top 5 obsessions right now:
    1-Juicy Pear Jelly Belly jelly beans
    2-The Biggest Loser-I watch the current season and old seasons on Hulu Plus
    3-Twig Field Journal from Graphics Fairy blog
    4-Learning about Kinetic Art and experimenting with small mobiles
    5-Swap-bot craft swap site, I am in a stamp carving swap and a book thong swap

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to consider my own current loves.

  • Oooh, I’ll have a listen! I’m reading Keith Moon’s biography right now so I constantly have to resist the urge to detonate drum kits and jump down staircases. I have, however, also been enjoying;

    1 – Arrested Development,
    2- Popcorn,
    3- Rayman Origins (a videogame),
    4- Vivaldi’s music, and
    5- Writing away on my blog (which I always enjoy).

  • Thankyou, I can’t wait to listen to the podcast, its so important to be present, I learnt alot about that in yoga.
    My top five obsessions right now too:
    1. classic fm
    2. Girls by Lena Dunham
    3. Writing on my blog
    4. Abel and Cole vegetable boxes
    5. Baking


  • Best Line – “I found this little spark… remembering the (your name here) that started the blog, that is the (name) I need to get back to.”

  • Appreciating what you have, says it all here… I try to set a side every Friday afternoon, 5 reasons to be appreciative for what I have… Everyone always wants more and more out oflife, but we never really take the time to be appreciative of what we have right on our laps, especially the little things in life like SUNSHINE:O)

  • Hah, I just started practicing meditation (first session was Sunday) for this very reason so this post is very timely for me. Stuff happens right when you need it sometimes. I can attest to this idea being very helpful. This week has been much better than those past.

  • My top five obsessions:
    1. Sleeping
    2. Cross stitch (on linen, Stacy Nash, samplers…)
    3. Morrissey
    4. Avocados and Bubbies pickles
    5. Natural skincare

  • Thank you for being vulnerable with us in this way – and continuing to when you fall down and get back up again. For what it’s worth, as a reader, I wouldn’t complain if there were less content on the site!

    As someone who teaches and “preaches” some of the tools you talk about to leaders who are approaching burnout and navigating the unsustainable nature of modern life, I would find it powerful if you would not discredit them by calling them “mumbo jumbo” because they are in fact (very old) spiritual practices.

    Blessings on your health.

  • This comment is a few weeks late but I’m so glad after the jump is back in 2013. I missed it during the break over the holiday. Thanks so much for takIng the time to produce it weekly. It’s my little treat to myself to listen to the podcast while I work out I’m sure to run every Thursday ( or Friday this week) so I can hear the new episode.

  • I totally appreciate this post! And I LOVE that book. Anything by Nepo is gold. It isn’t often that awesome bloggers + blogs similar to this peel the curtain and share what’s happening on the inside. For those looking in, it’s so valuable. It’s a reminder that we’re all human and at this thing together. As an entrepreneur, taking my own advice to live a life of good health is of most priority. I just wrote a blog in this vein and how pleasure is the antidote to stress and the key to real success. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Grace! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s the first one I’ve listened to. Thought it was a really thoughtful talk on how and why to be present. Hope you’re feeling better!

  • Grace,

    This was a wonderful podcast. Thank you for revisiting this topic, I learn something new every time. I too am having difficulty making a sift in my life and work balance. I love my job, being a fine artist, and my life, being a mother and wife, but I find I over commit myself all the time. The visualization technique is something I am going to try to practice.

    Thank you again, Liz

  • This post was so timely for me, and one of the best parts about listening to it was to realise that I am not the only person who feels this way! The idea of being present but still remembering stuff for the future is something I really struggle with, my mind is always at a gallop, and I haven’t really known how to articulate it before. Setting reminders is going to be so much nicer than having 20 tabs open in my browser!