After the Jump: Rena Tom of Makeshift Society (MP3)

by Grace Bonney

This year’s season of After the Jump has been a challenge and a delight because I’ve been focusing primarily on makers/creatives that I know in my personal life. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people through Design*Sponge who evolved from work colleagues and peers into trusted friends, confidants and mentors. Rena Tom is all of that and much more to me, and I was thrilled to nab her for this week’s show, straight off of her red-eye flight from San Francisco. Rena is one of the most hard-working “can do” people I know, and I loved getting the chance to talk to her more about her upbringing (every member of her family has owned their own business at some point!), her biggest business challenges and the projects that excite her and continue to fuel her professional drive. In addition to discussing the differences between creative communities on the west and east coasts (and what she loves about each), we also got to talk about the expansion of Makeshift Society to New York, along with Rena’s friend and architect Bryan Boyer (you might remember his home tour from way back in 2007!). I’m constantly amazed by Rena’s energy (All that with a three-year-old. I don’t know how she does it.) and desire to solve more problems in the creative community. I hope you’ll be as inspired by her interview as I was. Thanks to Rena and Bryan for joining me! xo, grace

LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or stream it here on Heritage Radio.

Rena’s top 5 obsessions of the moment continue after the jump . . .

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