After the Jump: Amy Azzarito (MP3)

This week has been such a whirlwind of excitement for us because one of our own, Amy Azzarito, had her very first book come out this week! Amy has been our team’s most passionate history and book lover since day one and her enthusiasm has spread throughout the team over the years. Since 2009, her column, Past & Present, has covered 50+ great moments throughout decorative arts history and has inspired our whole team to dig deeper into the people, moments and traditions that create the objects and styles we love to this day.

Yesterday I had Amy on my radio show to talk about not just her wonderful new book (which we all got to celebrate last night at West Elm!), but her path from a young book-lover in Arkansas to the NYPL and ultimately to becoming a published author. We’re all so proud of Amy and genuinely excited about the book she’s created. I hope you’ll enjoy her interview (below) and check out her new book, Past & Present, as well. Congrats, Amy! xo, grace

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Amy’s Top 5 Obsessions are after the jump…


What a beautiful interview. How many degrees do you have?? :) I can’t read the last item on your obsessions list, but I’m on the mobile site so maybe that’s why.

Grace Bonney


Amy has 2 masters degrees (in Library Sciences and The History of Decorate Arts). The last item is her favorite class at her yoga studio.


Rose Duggan

I’m really excited about this episode, I love when Amy’s on the show. I think she’s such an interesting person who’s passion really shows through on After the Jump. My favorite episodes are the ones with just Amy and Grace.


Many congratulations, Amy. I agree- Amy and Grace have a great back and forth flow.


Thanks so much, Kim and Rose! That’s so sweet to hear! :) Grace and I have a lot of fun together and I’m glad it comes through! The radio show is so much fun. I’m always so honored to be on the program. xo Amy

Amy Azzarito

Oh! I didn’t know that Aoife! Thanks for the tip! xoAmy