15 Great Cat Stamps

We’ve got a huge range of pet posts and projects coming up this month, so I promise they won’t all be cat themed. But since that’s the animal nearest and dearest to my heart, I wanted to share a few of my favorite cat goodies from around the web. Whether you want to embrace your inner cat-lady full force or just want to stamp some kittens around your office, these feline-focused stamps should keep you in business for a while. xo, grace

Image above: Custom Pet Return Address Stamp, $70 (I love this!)

Cat Stretching Stamp, $15

Cat on a Stamp, $13

More cat stamps after the jump . . .

Grumpy Cat Stamp, $11

Carved Cat Stamp, $15

Peeping Tom Cat Stamp, $17

Thinking Cat Stamp, $17

Peeping Cat Stamp, $17

Mid-century Cat Stamp Collection, $27

Cat-themed Set, $14

Cat and Moon Stamp, $18

Russian Cat Stamp, $11

Lucky Cat Stamp, $8

Face Cat, $11

Happy Cat, $8


Cat stamps? Where is the design-oriented site I used to love, with new, fresh finds? We do not need more cats or babies or cutesy stuff on the internets (although no doubt that’s what gets the hits). I’m sorry, I love you guys, it’s just that I miss the old Design*Sponge. Lately I feel like we’ve been growing apart…..


Love the beautiful wood backing on some of these! I’m thinking they would make a great gift for my sister, the cat lover :)

Molly Smith

I’ve never had a cat in my life and ♥ these stamps. They all have such a distinctive personality. Cute kittens, thanks for sharing.


amazing post! love the return address stamp. more cat posts :)


If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Love these, they’re wonderful. I needed cheering up today and seeing that little kitty peeping his head over the table with his two little paws put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

Grace Bonney


I’ve written about cats (and other animals) on the site since day one, so I’m not sure why that feels new.

This month is dedicated to family and pets, so that’s why we’re running some animal-themed posts this month. We rarely discuss babies on here (we don’t cover children’s design), so please don’t lump us into that category. That said, if discussing things of a more personal nature (which is actually how I started the site) isn’t your style, I completely understand if it doesn’t feel like a good fit for you any more.



Thank you for your kind reply Grace. I really do respect and admire what you and your team have accomplished over the years (I’ve been following for quite a while). And my comment, although yes, it was a criticism, was intended to be constructive, or at least informative, and hopefully will not be taken as mean-spirited.


These are wonderful. Linoleum blocks are a very difficult, time-consuming art. I love to see people getting their blocks & stamps out there. These are super fun and well done. Bravo, keep it up :)


I purchased two of the above wooden handled stamps (Peeping cat, thinking cat) from Jolyon of the Etsy store Jolyonyates. The stamps are beautiful and have a clear crisp line to them. Moreover, delivery was fast considering they came from the UK. I’m so glad you included them in your round-up, I’ve certainly had fun using them.


I love love love the custom address stamp, but the grumpy cat stamp is just so hilarious XD


I have to disagree with Joanna (comment #1), but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think it’s important to show ALL projects and keeping everyones interests in mind. Thanks DS, I enjoyed the post! Have a wonderful day everyone.


These are so cute. Is it possible to offer the same ideas for dog lovers? I’d purchase some immediately.


I love the cat and moon stamp, but I can’t find it on Etsy. Where did you source it? Thanks……and I love your blog.


wow thanks for sharing. definitely something I would buy especially the address stamp (although I guess I’ll have to wait until I buy a home). the midnight cat stamps are my next favorites. love them!


Re: Barbara
I bet the person who does the cat Return Stamps would gladly do some for dogs too, even though there aren’t any pictures. They’re called “pet return stamps,” I don’t see any reason why a dog silhouette would be any more difficult than a cat.
You should get in touch with the store owner!
Or, if you are handy with photoshop or illustrator, you could design one of your own and have it made at a local stamp company. The one in my town makes custom stamps for around $25.


I love these! Pets are a huge part of my life, and I really appreciate seeing nicely designed and DIY pet stuff.


Ooooohhh these stamps are so cute! It is such a lovely thing to decorate handwritten letters or notes! xxx