Weekly Wrap Up + Free Designer Organizer Label Downloads!

Today may be the first day of February, but it’s still part of the last week of January, so I wanted to end this week with a little gift from the D*S team: custom organizing labels! I asked four of my favorite illustrators, Lisa CongdonYelena Bryksenkova, Caitlin Keegan and Ashley G to create custom labels that D*S readers could easily download, print on blank sticker paper and use however you need! Staying organized and keeping cleaning-related New Year’s Resolutions can be enough of a challenge, so it never hurts to have something cute to keep you motivated. Each of these talented women has created a page of labels on which you can write dates, names and other information and place on anything you need to organize: files, boxes, bins, papers, etc. I’m so excited to use these on my inspiration image folders; they could definitely use a little help in the organization department. Thanks so much to Lisa, Yelena, Caitlin and Ashley for contributing these designs. I hope you enjoy them! I’m signing off for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy the big game, and we’ll see you on Monday! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

*You can download all of the full-sized labels after the jump! Please note: All of these label downloads are for personal use only.

Free Downloadable Organizing Labels!

Just print each page of labels onto blank sticker paper in standard 8.5″ x 11″ size.

*These files are between 500k and 2MB in size, so please give them a moment to load.*


Please note: All of these label downloads are for personal use only.


How awesome are these?!? Not just for organizing, I see gift inspiration here as well! Love.


May I just say that I love the Alias reference in the first photo :)

Lisa Zaslow

What’s the Alias reference? (I’m new here and feel out of the loop!) LOVE these labels – I always tell my clients: FUN is the start of FUNctional.

Kate Bartho

Veronica Mars? Another fun one. It makes me think of my dad because I used to watch the show with him when I was in high school!


Oh that’s great! Just love these. Saw the Sidney Bristow right away. made me smile and turn my laptop to catch the Veronica Mars. :)


Ooh I love Lisa Congdon – thank you!! Might use these at a party to label food or something.


I love these! My labels are boring and white.. I need to print these off to add some color into my organization system :)


I love these, and since the holidays I’ve been finding all kinds of great tags and other embellishments + who needs to spend a fortune on tags + this is perfect


Love them all but REALLY love Ashley G’s. The appeal to my younger girly self. Thanks for your generosity!


How funny! I recently started watching Alias again & still wish I could kick butt like Jen Gardner!


Love these! What a fun way to get organized!!! Unfortunately the link for Lisa Congdon’s labels didn’t work for me – did anybody have a similar problem?

Amy Azzarito

Hi Chelsea – We just used regular printer paper but you could also use a heavier card stock. xoAmy

Sharon Newsom

Thank you asking such awesome illustrators to create labels and thank you to the illustrators for participating. Can’t wait to download and start using them!


How nice is this — they’ll look great on the white ikea files — Thanks so much to all the artists!!

Home my Heaven

Really its a nice post. And the pictures really really awesome. I just pinned all of them in my pinterest account. I liked your blog very much. Thank You. :)


Grand merci pour ce Partage. Je possède, enfin, des “Oeuvres de Designers” ! Sympathie


Sabine: I did, as well. None of the links I clicked triggered the automatic download — it just opened the image in another window (but I couldn’t drag it to my desktop).


Hi Grace, I tried it again just now and it’s working – yay! Thanks for the awesome labels!

Cindy Woods

Thanks so much; these are gorgeous! But when I click on the links, they show up as a jpeg image, not downloads. Is there something I’m missing? thanks!

Grace Bonney


if they show up as jpegs it’s probably just a browser quirk. just right click and hit “save” or “download” or try dragging them to your desktop :)


Dilma de Almeida

Oi, meu nome é Dilma, sou brasileira, não falo e nem escrevo em ingles. mas mesmo assim curto muito o desing sponge.

eli sedaghatinia

lovely! thank you for the download patterns and frames.
however the file for Lisa Congdon’s label that i like
has an error and i could not download it. would you please double check with the file!!!!!
love love love your blog and all the insights and inspirations. merci merci.

Grace Bonney


the file is uploaded correctly and working for most people- can you tell me what browser adn version you’re using so i can try to figure it out for you?



Same problem than the others with Lisa’s page. My browser (Firefox) tells that the image can’t apear because it has errors. Every other image worked well.

I tried with internet explorer and it did work.


I finally sat down and printed these- they worked out wonderfully. I used 3M’s full sheet labels. I also saved them to my desktop and opened them in preview, which helped in printing them at a larger size. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to use them.


Thank you so very much for these fantastic labels. Also thank you for your kindness and generosity in letting us have these.