Design*Sponge Newsletter & Weekly Wrap Up!

There are some aspects of running a website that I’ve been slow to adopt. But as part of my commitment to doing things differently this year, I’m working hard to get up to speed and add features and resources to D*S in a way that feels right for us (I never want to add things for the sake of adding them). One of the things I’ve wanted to start for years is finally ready to launch: a weekly Design*Sponge newsletter! I know that reading via a homepage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea — and neither are ad-jammed RSS/Feedblitz feeds — so we brainstormed ways to produce a weekly newsletter that did everything it needed to do but with additional content that would be interesting even to those who don’t normally read newsletters. We came up with a format that felt authentic for us and made us excited to produce it. Here’s what you can expect from our weekly D*S Newsletter:

  • A digest of weekly posts
  • Tips, links and suggestions that won’t appear on the site
  • A sneak peek at content coming the next week
  • Behind-the-scenes peeks at upcoming projects and posts
  • Extra content from interviews, podcasts and posts that you won’t see on the blog
  • Special downloadable freebies from our favorite artists (as often as we can)


I’m so excited to send the first newsletter next week, so if you want to sign up and check out the content and previews that you won’t see here on the main blog, you can sign up for our new weekly newsletter below:

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Thanks so much to everyone who’s been patient with us in creating this. We’re thrilled that we can finally launch and deliver this in a way that feels right for us. I’m signing off for the weekend, so I’ll see you next week! Have a great weekend. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

April Louise

This sounds like a great idea, good luck with getting it going. I have just started up my own website, although it hasn’t been launched yet and there is still a lot that needs doing.


Psssst: you might want to take advantage of having motivated readers/customers in one place to ask a few demographic questions on your signup form (age, location, how they found the site, etc.) Two or three extra clicks wouldn’t be intrusive and would give you some good research info on your visitors.