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Video: DIY Hearts for Lattes & Cappuccinos

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been working on a little love declaration of my own all week as part of our February Instagram challenge. My Facebook and Twitter pages seem to be a constant love letter to my cat, so I decided to focus my declaration on my other love: my morning latte. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I turned 30, but now that I do, I can’t imagine my mornings (or waking up) without it. One of my favorite things about lattes in particular is the milk/foam art that so often comes on top. I’ve been wanting to learn how to replicate some of the popular styles (leaves, tulips, etc.), so I decided to have our final Valentine’s DIY of the month break down the art of making hearts in your morning coffee drinks!

With help from Alex Lambert from Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we learned the quick and easy steps for creating a little milk heart. Whether you’re surprising someone you love with a last-minute coffee Valentine or just treating yourself to a dressed-up drink, this how-to is perfect for celebrating the holiday and getting your day started. Thanks so much to everyone at Gimme Coffee for letting us hang out yesterday! xo, grace

The full steps and still photos continue after the jump . . .

1. Pour steamed milk, starting on the far end of the cup.

2. Let the milk puddle toward the far end of the cup, pushing in toward the middle a little bit.

3. Slowly push toward the center, as you continue to pour, to form the top of the heart.

4. Drag the milk down the center of the heart and off the other end of the cup to finish the heart shape.

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  • This is adorable! It would work beautifully as a morning coffee treat tomorrow morning on the 14th! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Oh wow- can’t wait to try and surprise my husband with this tomorrow morning. I’m thinking I should practice a bit this afternoon first though :)

  • I actually laughed out loud when I read this: My Facebook and Twitter pages seem to be a constant love letter to my cat.
    Your milky heart coffee is so sweet. I want a milk steamer so I can try this at home. Cat,s design, and coffee, what could be better?!

  • this tutorial could not have come at a better time! i’ve had an espresso maker for a couple of years now, but lately been seeing latte art all over the place and i want to learn how to do it! thanks!

  • Seriously Grace I don’t know if I believe you.

    I am a major coffee lover (even coffee snob) and can’t live without my morning latte either, but honestly I have yet to make any kind of latte art that resembles something recognizable.
    Is it truly as easy peasy as this claims?
    I will try tomorrow and report back, but I am not getting my hopes up…

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone xo

    • Ashley

      For me, the difference came when I used regular milk as opposed to my typical soy milk. Soy just wasn’t thick enough to froth fully, so I really highly suggest using whole milk if you have some. Steam it fully if you can but, if not, just froth the heck out of it with the frother ;)


  • What an absolutely perfect Valentine’s gift for your readers! Thanks for the coffee love!

  • Grace,

    I usually use skim milk so that could be part of the problem. I will try it with whole milk next time.

    • ashley

      yeah, unfortunately the thinner milks (soy, almond, skim) don’t work as well. they seem to work so-so at a real coffee shop, but i think that’s bc they have those professional steamers ;)


  • Hey y’all from Atlanta, GA! The incredibly talented barista in the video is MY SON Alex! I’m happy he helps so many New Yorkers start their day so happy but we miss him here in Georgia.

  • Thank you so much I have been trying to figure this out on my own to no avail. I am going to have to make a second latte this morning just to try it out.