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Sneak Peek: Isabelle Rivoire-Grange

by anne

Isabelle Rivoire-Grange is a French art director, graphic designer and stylist in the fashion and luxury industries. Working from her home in the heart of Paris — in the pedestrian area called Montorgueil — her clients include Issey Miyake, Kenzo and Narciso Rodriguez, and she edits her own collections every year. The building dates back to the 18th century and features distinctive “colombages” (wood-beamed walls), so everything is crooked and a touch shabby. Isabelle, who has lived in the home for five years, kept the basic structure, adding joyful spots of color to add new focus. With a strong influence in “green” design, she uses non-toxic paints, often creating her own mixes (which has meant up to seven tries to get a color right). Isabelle prefers up-cycled and vintage pieces to new furniture as well as genuine designs to copies, and she loves to collect antiques, which she often customizes herself. Many thanks to Isabelle, as well as Carol for the tip and Vianney Tisseau for the fab photos! — Anne

Image above: I brought the wired chairs back from NYC where I lived for two years. I love their heart-shaped back. The 1950s armchair was covered up with a giraffe-patterned velvet, which gives it a funny look. The still-life picture — that almost looks like a painting — is by young photographer Candice Milon.

Image above: This is a detail in the kids’ room, a little altar with all sorts of souvenirs, including a photograph from Les Rencontres d’Arles photo festival.

See more inside Isabelle’s Parisian apartment after the jump . . .

Image above: Everywhere in the apartment the ceiling is covered with irregular beams that I painted white. The kitchen was custom made. The bright pink neon light tints the entire apartment with a happy shade.

Image above: This is a very small — yet growing — collection of antique ceramic vases and little ashtrays. The cast iron teapot is from Japan.

Image above: The way to the bathroom is painted in a bright red color. I’ve always had at least one red wall in all of my homes. Red brings life and energy, and since this is the very center of the apartment, it spreads good vibes all over the place. The turtle shell is antique; I would never get something that comes from a protected species!

Image above: The small living room is a nice little nest to stay in and rest without being disconnected from the others. The ’70s chair is covered with two different black fabrics. It can unfold in four separate pieces and is the most comfortable chair ever!

Image above: The collection of vases is very eclectic yet harmonious. It goes from Arik Levy’s golden glass to traditional crystal and all sorts of vintage French or Nordic carafes. I built the piece of furniture myself, adding two sides and nice handles to a 1960s chest of drawers.

Image above: In the entrance, a mix of vintage fabric cushions stands next to 1950s side tables and a Jacques le Corre handbag with subtle neon green edges.

Image above: In the stairs down to my working studio hangs this picture, originally the campaign for my first collection of embroidered panties.

Image above: I like to decorate my home with stilettos. This bright green pair is by Bruno Frisoni.

Image above: The bathroom was originally all covered up with these glass tiles. I love them, but so many colors were a bit overwhelming in the morning, so I just kept them on the floor. The walls were intentionally left raw, in order to match the shabby ceiling and wooden walls.

Image above: This piece is very interesting. It is an antique motor mold! Notice the peculiar serial number, ending in 666.

Image above: In the bedroom the blue armchair by designer Olivier Mourgue fits perfectly with the purple closet and white carpet. Pieces of jewelry and all sorts of accessories are mixed up with old vinyl covers and a wonderful pair of Pierre Hardy platform stilettos.

Image above: I made the pillow cases out of vintage silk scarves sewn together. The linen is organic cotton (of course) by Habitat.

Image above: In the working space, this 1940s former nightstand holds some of my designs. Including L’eau d’Issey packaging, “Doux Me” organic candle packaging and some of my collections like this leather/silk/golden-plated metal shoulder necklace. I designed the framed signs, too.

Image above: The staircase is almost a playground! In the background one can glimpse a wonderful plexiglass work of art by my dear friend, artist Olivier Urman. I am holding an Egg Rosary from my latest collection entitled “FEAST.”

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