Sneak Peek: Caroline and Olivier

When they bought their first home, Caroline and Olivier discovered a passion for renovating old houses in Provence. Their current home, located in St. Maurice de Cazevieille, Uzès, is their third home to date. In each home they renovate, they never adhere to a particular style; rather, the style is informed by the home itself, some basic element of the house that inspires them, such as how the light hits each room. Especially in this home, the layout is based on how the light illuminates every corner and key areas. Caroline and Olivier showcase original details such as the stone work and tiles, accenting the space with flea market finds and finely crafted textiles and objects from their travels. This particular home is very typical of the region, and they love the village they live in. They enjoy views of the church and watching the old men playing pétanque every day. Nestled amidst olive trees, lavender and rosemary bushes, the village has everything the couple needs: a school, a bakery, a butcher and a farmer’s market. Olivier is a fine artist specializing in landscape portraits. His inspiration, not surprisingly, comes from the views of the Cévennes Mountains. Thank you, Caroline and Olivier, and a special thanks to Fabien Barral, who fell in love with Caroline and Olivier’s home while pet sitting and sent us these lovely photos! — Shannon

Image above: “Caravane” sofa made with old northern African grain bags. The handwoven rug is also African.

Image above: Many of the things in this room are from local flea markets. The counter is made from concrete; we built it around an existing structure and added a pair of sinks we liked.

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Image above: One of the many original details of the house, these are very old concrete stairs. We display various images that we like — family pictures and illustrations done by Olivier and published in different magazines. The mirror belonged to Caroline’s family.

Image above: We love to cook in this kitchen. I am English, so every year I love to bake cookies for the neighbors at Christmas . . . it really surprised them the first time we did it, and I loved that.

Image above: We go to a good market every Saturday and love to prepare good meals for friends and guests when they come over. Our favorite thing to cook for friends is simple zucchini sliced and baked with feta cheese, with some rosemary from the garden. And if we can, some barbecued sardines.

Image above: We love wood toys. The ones you see by the dollhouse were made by a friend of ours who made them from wood found in the forest . . . they are magical. Our two girls sleep upstairs, and they play in the open area below.

Image above: The heart was found in a flea market. This is another rug brought back from our travels in Morocco . . .  All the decor is related to our stories, our memories. As the house was built years ago, we kept the original floors, and they keep the house very cool and pleasant during the hot summer.

Image above: We did natural painting throughout the house; we wanted the renovation to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The painting on the wall was, again, a great find from our Sunday search at flea markets. We used tadelakt cement as much as possible — it pairs well with the old stone and floors we kept.

Image above: This our bedroom, and it is very large. The headboard is an old door!

Image above: The bathtub and chair follow us everywhere we move. Charlotte, our cat, loves the chair. The “Bain” sign is new, found in a shop in Uzes. We also found the bathtub in Uzes, at the Sunday flea market, while the chair was found in Anduze.

Image above: In the office, we kept these beautiful original floor tiles. A friend of ours, Jacques Roumanille, built the wood and metal shelving unit that covers the whole wall. We work here every day on the computer, and the kids use the room to watch movies sometimes.

Image above: The tadelakt concrete is perfect for renovation, and we used it to make this shower. It goes so well with the vintage feel of the home, and it is very easy to clean.

Image above: We like the color of natural linen. We try to use these materials and colors as much as possible, for the fabric, the objects . . . with accent colors coming from Olivier’s paintings.

Image above: Here is Charlotte on her favorite chair.

Image above: Even though the garden is not large, it is great to have a late dinner out there on a summer night . . . a good barbecue, some wine and good friends — that’s all we need.

Hanako Zeidenberg

I am enthralled. Absolutely amazing. This is my favorite Sneak Peek to date. As I browsed through the photos, it felt as if I were walking through a warm dream.


Oh, this calls to me–the textures, subtle hues, the linen. Fortunate family. (I rarely wish I had items I see, but I would very much like to have that Caravane sofa to curl up on. I’d feel like Charlotte on her chair.) J’aime tout.

la domestique

Oh what a great sneak peek! I love the touches of ancient and modern, and the light is so beautiful coming in from the windows.


I love seeing a couple that designs based on beautiful and meaningful acquired possessions that naturally blend with a home and showcase it. Gorgeous!

Fabien Barral

Olivier & Caroline now have a new project, a bigger house with more guets rooms… it will be amazing ! They are selling this house, you can have more details here if you want

Thanks for the nice comments, I stayed in this house during 2 weeks last summer and it was… just as you can imagine !


I love the tiles in the office!! Swoon!!
Your entire home is lovely!

Melissa S.

This is my dream home, for sure. That soft warm light, those muted colors and natural textures — so beautiful!