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Our Favorite Pink + Red Interiors

by Shannon Grant

Being that Valentine’s Day is this week, it’s a great opportunity to highlight the two most classic Valentine’s colors: PINK and RED. Colors of any shade can possess powerful associations, especially in the home. However, warm hues such as pink and red need not be solely associated with romance or femininity (though they can be if you want them to). After scouring the Sneak Peek archives, I’ve discovered the multitude of ways that people have incorporated these two colors into their lives. They can be the perfect pop of saturated color contrasted against muted and rustic details; they can liven up a whitewashed room; and they can also make a harmonious, balanced duo when paired. Here are some of my favorites. — Shannon

Image above: Pink-coated brick is an unexpected color choice for this Brooklyn loft, but it’s the perfect mood-lifting shade in David Alhadeff’s home.

Image above: Amy and Erich McVey liven up an outdated fridge with this lovely shade of coral pink.

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Image above: A red and pink combo makes a big impact in Michelle Weinberg and Brian Fatih’s tiny bedroom.

Image above: Jess and Mr. Lively introduce some neon pink by way of DIY tape art and a framed print.

Image above: It appears Barbara Berrada was inspired by the vibrant tones of fresh produce when choosing her bright red wall color.

Image above: Soft pink provides the perfect backdrop for colorful oversized daffodils and a red Moroccan pouf in Pete and Bailey McCarthy’s baby nursery.

Image above: In an attempt to cover up ugly stucco walls, stylist Olga Naiman created what she describes as “a rich, Tangier in the ’70s opium-lounge feel” by hanging jewel-toned fabrics over the walls.

Image above: An assortment of antique pink plates contrast nicely with a black wall in Jenny Grumbles’ Dallas home.

Image above: I’m getting a strong late ’60s Palm Springs vibe from the home of Kate Schintzius, with this tropical-inspired pink. I’m suddenly craving a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

Image above: Here is a minimal and non-committal use of red. By choosing to inject color with accessories, Blanca Gomez can change her mind and swap out different colors at any time.

Image above: This striking painting over the entry bench in Naomi Stein’s home was free.

Image above: Another great use of pink by Naomi Stein; she decided to contrast her hot pink Parsons desk with what she describes as her take on Yves Klein blue for the wall in her office nook.

Image above: The only colored walls in Carolyn Gavin’s home are in her daughter’s bedroom — a ruby red shade called “Gypsy Pink.”

Image above: Pale green Fiestaware softens the bold tablecloth in this Sneak Peek of Tricia Royal’s home.

Image above: Caitlin Wilson’s candy pink couch accentuates the subtler pink piping on her curtains.

Image above: Hannah Berman’s collection of red vintage kitchen accessories is perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Image above: The magenta wall isn’t the only pink in Carla Caruso’s home; the pom poms on the throw blanket add a good splash of color to the neutral chair.

Image above: Another view of Carla’s jewel-toned walls.

Image above: Here is a great solution for renters who can’t paint their walls. In this Buenos Aires Sneak Peek, white walls keep the room sunny and light while the rug adds a healthy dose of color.

Image above: Much like the jewelry and housewares that she creates, Tina Frey introduces pops of bold color against bright white in her San Francisco home.

Image above: Pink chairs add a touch of warmth to the breakfast nook of Raya Carlisle’s home.

Image above: This ornate red and white textile pattern marries well with the opulence of the gold banquette in this Sneak Peek.

Image above: This custom door continues a circle theme that runs throughout the home of Emira Mears.

Image above: Amanda Happe felt she was taking a risk when she painted this pocket door pink and yellow. It turns out that she’s thrilled with the result and has no regrets. She describes it as a “graphic surprise” when it rolls out.

Image above: Red hues are a common thread throughout this stunning Sneak Peek, creating a beautiful contrast against various shades of blue.

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