Scissor Specimens

I spent all of yesterday working on a big museum-themed post for this afternoon, and now I’ve got framed objects and specimens on the brain. So when I came across these beautiful framed scissors by Cori Kindred, they reminded me of sweet scissor specimens captured in time. I love anything covered in a tiny floral print, and these covered scissors seem like a great DIY idea and a beautiful object to frame. As Cori suggests on her shop page, they’d be a wonderful way to commemorate a special moment or event like sewing a wedding dress or making a quilt for a new baby. Click here to check them out and shop ($52–$64) online. xo, grace

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This is really inspirational. It sounds strange, but I have this very old fork, wood handled and tarnished, that was my great-grandmother’s bacon frying fork. She is also my namesake, so I love having things of hers around my home. I really want to frame the fork and I love the way this looks. I love the quality of the paper background and the stitched border!


Oh how lovely. As a devoted seamstress, the idea of framing scissors seems just right to me- my good sewing scissors are one of my most prized possessions- just ask my husband when he forgets and goes to use them on paper ;)


I was about to say the same thing as Lauren. I love my sewing scissors so much that I think framing them is appropriate. I’m lucky to live alone, but everyone who has lived with me learned quickly not to touch my scissors.

janika R

Cute and Lovely…Now I am thinking about the other I items with which I can do something like this…
Thanks for sharing..


Ditto, Lauren!! Just what I was about to say. I am absolutely in love love love with this artwork. It’s so simple, so beautiful, and inspiring. Something very Marcel Duchamp about it – the object as art. Except this is anything but readymade. The handiwork here is excellent. THANK you for introducing us to this artist and I hope she continues to produce works like this!


This is fantastic! I will totally save up and get some for my sewing room….if I could just stop buying fabric!