Quick & Easy Heart Cards Vase

Last Friday before we packed up the office for the weekend, I had a crazy last-minute idea inspired by a DIY project that Amy is sharing on Wednesday. She was making custom wooden dice while Max was discussing a game night entertaining idea, so the concept of “playing” had been floating around all week. Inspired by their game theme, I found myself searching the NYPL’s amazing digital gallery for vintage and antique playing card images. I stumbled upon these incredible seven and ten of hearts cards and decided to use them for a quick Valentine’s Day-themed floral DIY. I love how they turned out (I printed them in B&W so they wouldn’t distract from the red of the flowers), and they took me all of five minutes to make. It felt like the perfect way to start off a few weeks of handmade Valentine’s gift ideas, so I wanted to share them this morning. I hope you’ll enjoy making them as much as I did! xo, grace

Find the full instructions (and links for images) after the jump . . .

Heart Cards Vase

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Only what you need to spend on flowers
Time: 5 minutes


  • glass vase or cup (I used an old drinking glass that was stained from a DIY fail.)
  • Mod Podge
  • brush
  • printer/paper
  • flowers



1. Pick your images (my images are below) and measure the height of your glass or vase. Print them to fit the outside of your vase from top to bottom.


2. Apply a thin later of Mod Podge to the back of your printed design and carefully lay it on top of the vase. Use your fingers to gently press out any air bubbles.

3. Once the first layer of Mod Podge dries, apply another thin layer to the outside of the paper to seal it. Add flowers and you’re done!

*Other great card images from the library are here, here and here.


Beautiful tho’ Astrantias are they do smell like dirty dish cloths after a day or two.

They were known in the 18th century by the name of “melancholy gentlemen”


Great little project; I appreciate the links to the artwork, too. Did you know that there is glitter modpodge? I just learned about this–it might be fun to try for the top coat.


These are perfect for a budget friendly Valentines Day! Can’t wait to try it out!


Very lovely flowers and of course the vase too! I like the classic aura of your photo! Thanks for sharing your craft Grace! :-)