Octagon Marble Plates

I’ve got a major thing for marble. When we were at Malene B’s home last week, I kept staring at her marble countertops like a weirdo. They make everything look so clean and polished and grown up. These marble plates at Jayson Home are probably the closest I’ll come for a while to marble in my kitchen, so I’m coveting them pretty intensely. Cut from white marble in the shape of octagons, each plate has a unique natural pattern and comes in three sizes (8, 10 and 12 inches in diameter), starting at $92. The price point is a little high for my current budget, but I’m bookmarking these for the holiday season if they’re still around. I think just about anything would look amazing against these plates. xo, grace


I would never have thought of either octagonal or marble plates, but they are really lovely! But wouldn’t food stain them? I had the impression that marble is rather porous…

Grace Bonney


that’s a great question. i’ll email jayson home to ask. it doesn’t mention food safety anywhere on the page…



These are just beautiful! I too would love to know if they can handle food. You guys just share the most wonderful things, so much inspiration. Thanks!