Living In: 2 Days in Paris

Despite the Hallmark cards and pop songs that fill our brains this time of year, anybody who’s been in a relationship knows that it’s not always cupcakes, butterflies and rainbows. On the contrary, relationships, especially the long-term romantic kind, require energy, patience and bulletproof resolve. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, perhaps it’s an opportune moment to remind us of this fact. Love, for all its thrills and excitement, can be quite the stressor. Just ask Julie Delpy. The triple-threat actor/writer/director astutely and hilariously tackles the subject of love’s pitfalls in her 2007 comedy, 2 Days in Paris.

In the film, Delpy (of Before Sunrise fame) plays Marion, a neurotic but irresistibly charming photographer on vacation with her American boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg). Between traveling in Italy and returning home to New York City, the couple decides to make a pit stop in Marion’s hometown of Paris. Although Paris is typically la ville de l’amour, Marion and Jack’s experience proves to be anything but romantic. Over the course of two days, the couple must navigate a bumpy terrain of insane family members, jealous ex-lovers and bizarre cultural differences. The combination, while panic inducing (especially for Jack), is riotously funny for the audience. The film provides an apt lesson, just in time for February 14: When it comes to relationships, it’s best to bring a sense of humor. (You can purchase 2 Days in Paris here or stream it on Netflix here.) — Max

Image above: 1. Floral Dress, $58 | 2. Glasses, $95 | 3. Leica Camera, $1,995 | 4. Cat Purse, $95 | 5. Earrings, $36 | 6. Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, $31.50 | 7. Yellow Flats, $495 | 8. Black Side Chair, $129

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Image above: 1. Donna Wilson Beardy Man Plate, £22 | 2. Sunglasses, $44 | 3. Beard Wax, $23 | 4. Heart Temporary Tattoo, $5 | 5. Vintage French/English Dictionary, $20 | 6. The Polaroid Book, $10.19 | 7. Alexander Gerard Serving Tray, $90

Film: 2 Days in Paris

Year: 2007

Director: Julie Delpy

Starring: Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau

Props: Soraya Mangin

Set Designer: Barbara Marc

Costume Design: Stephane Rollot


I haven’t seen this one yet, but I will. If for no other reason but to see what is happening with that cat in the picture above!


I love this film! I want to see 2 days in New York next.

I wrote about 2 Days in Paris as well on my blog, I have a French Film Club section. Great film.


Love this, if anyone curious about the polaroid camera shes holding at the bottom, it is a an Sx-70, super cool and can be hacked to use regular polaroid film (if you can hunt it down!)


yes! – Julie Delpy can do no wrong. This is one of my favorite relationships in film. 2 days in New York is quite good too.


This is not Paris it’s hell!
My favorite line from the movie.

Absolutely luv it.


I couldn’t resist. Just bought it online! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet! I loved Delpy in Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. Thanks for the post! p.s I love the yellow shoes and black frames!


I love this movie! I always think about the part where she’s crying because women use so much toilet paper.


Isn’t that funnY! I litterally just watched 2 Days in New York. I didn’t know it was a sequel. Well! I’ll have to get on Netflix today!


thank you for crediting the designers! :) we appreciate that, as it doesn’t always happen.


Can anyone tell me who designed the dress in the first photo above of Julie Delpy in ‘2 days in Paris’? She wears it to her fathers gallery & the party afterwards?