January Instagram Challenge: Our Favorites!

This month’s Instagram Challenge (Declarations of Love!) is already underway, but last month’s just wrapped up, and today I’m excited to share the seriously impressive results! Before I present the finalists (and our winning three), I wanted to say how insanely talented you guys are. Really, you took this knitting challenge to heart, and it was a home run. I cannot wait to see what you have for this month’s love theme. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and to Lion Brand Yarn for donating $25 gift cards and skeins of yarn to our three winners*! (Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing the full DIY steps for several of these projects soon!) xo, grace

Image above: Neon dot sweater by Susanne Grabowski *Winner

An awesome neon-trimmed top for the little ones by Audrey Romano *Winner

Adorable dog hoodie by Arlyn Bantog Van-Dooyewert *Winner

See the rest of our top picks after the jump . . .

Knitted zipper pouch by Kimi Dawn

A textured throw by Jacqui Fink

Neck scarf (snood) by Daniela Plattn

Pretty gloves by Jessica Hartwig

A cute knitted mat by NWJenkins

Copper penny cowl by Sierra Chewning

Heart gloves by Sarah Shoemaker

Knitted heart garland by Lili Holland of Bayleaf Studio


What a wonderful selection of knitted things! I really enjoyed this instagram challenge, and all the beautiful creations. Looking forward to the Love theme!


As a huge fan of dressing up my dog (it’s cold in our house!), I have to say that dog sweater is a whole lot of awesomeness!

Colleen Schaeffer

Is there a pattern for the sweater top by Audrey Romano?

Lizz N

wow I really want to learn how to knit know, I should have tried harder when my mom tried to teach me!


Aha! I’ve that same rag-rug out of an old bedsheet, using big wooden dowels as needles! It was a fun project, though my hands ached afterward.

It’s currently gracing my desperately-in-need-of-a-redec bathroom floor. About the only ‘personalized’ thing I’ve done with that room.


I love that throw! hope it is one of the diys….it looks like I could maybe make it ;)


Is there a pattern out there for the heart gloves?! My niece might need a pair.

Monica B

Yes. I NEED the patterns for the zippered clutch & the teal gloves!! And the heart garland!!

lauren michele

it would be really great if all the patterns were to be posted, not just the winners!