Human/House/Harvey: Pink & Gold

Human House Harvey, pink and goldYou can always rely on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day being covered in pink and red. Balloons, flowers and candies in blush and crimson tones line store aisles, and everyone breaks out their heart-adorned swag for all to see. I love it! But maybe only because I am not traditionally a lover of pinks and reds any other time of the year. This V-Day, I’ve decided to switch up my celebration color palette and swap the red for gold. I love the combo so much that I’ve rounded up some favorites in the color scheme for me, my home and my dog, Mr. Harvey. Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day! — Stephanie

HUMAN — I just adore this simple, festive, charming little card of love. Valentine’s Day or not, I want to send these to all of my friends and family.

HOUSE — As of late, I’ve become quite obsessed with animals prints, both real and fake. So when I happened upon this zebra print and pig print gold and pink pillows, I just couldn’t refuse them.

HARVEY — My dog, Mr. Harvey, is a boy. Clearly. But sometimes (just sometimes) I wish I could buy him the adorably charming pink accessories made for female pups. I may just have to adopt a lil’ lady pup soon and snag this Coach collar for her.


Pink + gold is refreshing! And I think Harvey can wear pink without incident.