Human/House/Harvey: Ikat

Human House Harvey, ikatA bold pattern like an ikat print can truly be the difference between bland and fab. So when I’m stuck in a design conundrum, I immediately turn to a pattern. The ikat is currently rising in the ranks of my favorite patterns. Both bold and artistic, I love how this pattern allows for so many variations and color palettes. It’s just enough pop without being over the top. Here are a few favorites for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — I don’t know when I started, but I have a notebook collection that is a bit out of control. From sketch books to diaries, I love a well-designed notebook. This Anthropologie design will look great stacked with the others!

HOUSE — Is it just me, or do you find picking the right shower curtain to be impossible at times? Yes, you can switch it out in an instant, but I’m always struggling to find the right balance of style and color. This ikat option from Furbish may just be my solution.

HARVEY — I’m a firm believer that the look of your bed will dictate the quality of your sleep. A messy bed will result in restless nights, and a well-kept, aesthetically appealing bed will create blissful slumber. And dogs are no exception! This ikat beauty from Jax and Bones will give my Mr. Harvey sweet dreams.


Love ikat:) especially in unexpected color combinations.