DIY Valentine Ideas from our D*S Craft Breakfast

Last week we transformed our admittedly already very pink and red office into a Valentine’s Day wonderland for our craft breakfast party. Twenty-five D*S readers joined our team for breakfast treats and a slew of DIY Valentine crafting. In addition to the amazingly creative projects our readers came up with (images coming up this afternoon!), we shared some quick and easy Valentine ideas of our own that we wanted to show you this morning. Along with our favorite heart-shaped paper clips, we made straw heart arrows, layered tissue paper cards and tassels (inspired by two of our crafters). The full party post (featuring decorating and crafting ideas) will be up today at 1pm, but in the meantime, here are the how-tos for these fun projects. xo, grace

The full instructions continue after the jump . . .

1. Heart Paperclips (full how-to right here)

2. Arrow Straws

Materials: Paper straws, felt heart stickers, scissors and construction paper

Steps: Cut a large paper heart from the construction paper. Cut two slits for the straw to slide through. Slide the straw through and stick the two felt hearts at the end of the straw. Cut small slits in the larger heart if you’d like it to feel like a feathered arrow end.

3. Paper Tassels (inspired by the talented For the Makers girls!)

Materials: Tissue paper, red and white butcher’s twine and scissors

Steps: Stack the paper so you have several layers of paper on top of each other, all the same size. Hold the top portion with one hand and cut from the bottom up, leaving about 1/2 inch at the top uncut. Once you’ve cut fringe all the way across the paper, roll it into a tassel and secure with a knot made of butcher’s twine. You can leave excess twine hanging if you want to make a garland.

4. Tissue Paper Card

Materials: Construction paper, masking tape, tissue paper, scissors and glue stick

Steps: Cut two colors of paper into a rectangle (the same size). Cut a heart shape out of the outer color. Cut strips of tissue paper in different shades of pink and red and tape them on the bottom piece of construction paper so they show through the top layer’s heart-shaped hole. Once you have the strips taped down, glue the bottom and top layer of the card together and fold.

5. Treat Bag

Materials: Glassine bag, paper heart doilies, striped washi tape and typewriter

Steps: Type each person’s name directly onto the doily. I taped my doilies to a piece of printer paper to feed them through the typewriter more easily. Then attach to the glassine bag with washi tape.

Miss Kathy

Such great ideas, I’ve marked the calender with plenty of time for next year, plus my son really like making special cards for his friends, he’ll definitely like these.