DIY Project: Heart Dice

by Amy Azzarito

Dice are the oldest known gaming implements. In ancient Greece and Rome, dice were commonly made of bone and ivory. The Romans were particularly passionate gamblers, and gambling was forbidden except during the festival of Saturnalia (the festival honoring the god Saturn during late December). Despite the ban, it was difficult to curb the Roman gambling passion. Gambling was such a part of the Roman psyche that when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his troops, he said, “The die is cast.” And while you may not be gambling as seriously as the Romans, these heart dice could perhaps replace the set in your favorite board game. — Amy Azzarito

*I have to mention that the book in the photo was one that my mom gave me as a little girl, and it has remained a favorite.

See the full how-to after the jump . . .

I don’t know why I had the urge to make heart dice, but I got the idea in my head, and I just couldn’t shake it. Luckily, it was super simple.




1. Using the spray paint, paint all sides of the blocks black. Following package directions, wait until completely dry.

2. Punch hearts out of gold glitter paper.

3. Begin gluing the hearts onto the dice using Mod Podge. (For a square die, each opposite side should add up to 7. So glue the 6 hearts opposite the 1 heart, the 5 hearts opposite the 2 hearts, and the 4 hearts opposite the 3 hearts.)

4. Give your dice a kiss and roll!

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