Current Obsessions: Ice Cream Colors

Last week I was given some orders by my doctor to lead a healthier lifestyle. Apparently working too much and only consuming coffee and sugar is a bad thing. So last week I began a quest to re-train my body to eat healthier foods and cut out the junk. Naturally, now all I can think about are sweets. My nightly ice cream ritual has been ruled out, so my mind has been drifting back to colors that remind me of mint chocolate chip, Neapolitan and sherbet. Rather than break bad and open a new pint, I’ve decided to channel that energy into my favorite home goods that share that ice cream color palette. From pistachio-colored mixers to bubble gum pink clocks, there’s something here for everyone. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy ice cream. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Perforated Notebooks, $7–$10 | 2. Dupatta Scarf, $120 | 3. Rivet & Sway Eyeglasses, $199 | 4. KitchenAid Mixer in Pistachio, $350 | 5. Kaleido Tray, $38 | 6. Reusable Chopsticks, $18 | 7. Carnival Cone Wall Planter, $16 | 8. Ikat Console, $1698 | 9. Greek Key Pillow, $60 | 10. Persian Cat Cushion, $10 | 11. Color Block Pen, $4 | 12. Porcelain Bowls, $32 each | 13. Garden Stake Set, $26 |14. Air Balloon Container, $100

Image above: 1. Cavern Home Wallpaper, $155 per roll | 2. Hexa Clock, $98 | 3. Lilac Pendant, $1195 | 4. Malissa Ryder Watercolor, $300 | 5. Coral Peeler, $17 | 6. Bluff City Pendant, $750 | 7. Hexagon Card Pocket, $18 | 8. About a Chair, $360 | 9. Magnetic Vases, $224 | 10. Ben Fiess Jar, $110 | 11. Taper Candle, $24 | 12. Porcelain Cups, $25 each

More ice cream colors after the jump . . .

Image above, clockwise from top left: Neapolitan Rug, $30–$414 | Matta Journal, $28 | Last Stool, $585


No chocolate colors :( But beautiful collection! I cut out ice cream (I was eating about 1,000 calories/night with how big of bowls I ate) about 4 weeks ago and lost about 6 lbs. Also cut out all drinks except water, one glass of milk/day, and one glass of green tea/day. My craving for ice cream has finally disappeared and I don’t even think about it anymore! You can do it!


Glad to hear you are taking you doctor’s advice! Take care of yourself! C


I kind of want everything on this page! The dupatta scarf and the hexa clock really speak to me! Such happy pretty colors to get Monday started right…

Megan @ Pink O'Clock

I am so drawn to these colors, too; when I was buying my KitchenAid mixer, I almost went with that gorgeous pistachio color (I chose ice, but either would have been perfect). And that cat pillow is totally awesome.

Take care of yourself, Grace!


yes please. My favorite colors! I wish my eyes weren’t so perfect so I could get my eyes on those glasses!


Ooh I love this color scheme! Such a refreshing perspective after seasons of bold colors

Kim L.

I am salivating over these colors! They are so pretty and fun. I’ve always had a weak spot for mint green. I need that Kitchen Aid stand mixer and Greek key throw pillow!


oohhhhh I love all things mint green and mint blue. I love this post! But over $500 for a stool?!!! They’ve got to be out of their minds.


This is so cute. I just bought an ice blue (aqua) kitchen aid mixer. Now we are building a new house, and I need to plan my whole kitchen so it will match my mixer. Haha. Don’t tell my hubs.


Lovely post!
I feel you with the ice cream ban. You could always make your own fruit pops with crushed berries and a bit of yogurt.
My fave dessert is raspberries…so buy a frozen bag, thaw a small bowlful, and mix with some yogurt or cream!


Grace, I am a long time fan of yours and also a gal who needs her nightly ice cream fix… Try one ingredient I’ve cream! All you do is run some frozen bananas in your food processor. It tastes just like ice cream! It’s amazing! You can add in treats like other fruits or pb to jazz it up! Best of luck on your healthy lifestyle :-)

Grace Bonney


ooh! i’ll give it a shot. i have this weird “no fruit as dessert!” part of my body that hates all fruit desserts, but i DO love bananas, so that’s tempting ;)


what happy colors that make me hopeful spring might happen soon!
I tend to live a suger-centric diet too, but I go for big smoothies in the evening – you can even throw spinach in and although the smoothy is green, it doesn’t taste spinachy – one of my favourites is avocado and banana with almond milk and a dash of maple syrup – yum!