Birthstones by Elisa Werbler

I’ve been keeping an eye on Elisa Werbler’s work ever since I met her at the RISD alumni sale last year. I love the way she layers color in her work, and because this is the month of pink and red, I thought it would be the perfect time to highlight her new Birthstones collection. This limited-edition 12-print series emphasizes the geometric quality of each stone and uses layered inks to get a rich, saturated feel. If overly romantic and heart-filled gifts aren’t your thing, these prints would make a sweet gift to a loved one. Click here to check out the series online and place an order ($110 each). Thanks, Elisa! xo, grace


These are gorgeous and may become my new favorite all occasion gift…birthdays, showers,weddings, babies…the possibilities are endless!


I love all of these, except sadly the amethyst which is my birthstone. I can definitely see giving one as a gift though!