Before & After: The Silver Lining Kitchen

When lighting designer Sophie and her husband moved from Sydney to a small farmer’s cottage in Wagga Wagga, Australia, the last thing they expected was that their new home would become totally uninhabitable within just five weeks. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when, in early 2012, flooding ravaged the New South Wales region of Australia. Along with the rest of their neighbors, Sophie and Tim were forced to evacuate, leaving their newly unpacked home behind. Ten months passed before they were finally able to return. Luckily, the couple’s home was insured, and the two were able to turn their troubles into treasure. “The major silver lining to a full on year is our shiny renovated home,” Sophie says. Indeed! The kitchen, which was pretty cute to begin with, has been given a fabulous upgrade, complete with a newly finished floor, open shelving, new appliances and adorable fixtures. Check out the full Before & After after the jump! — Max

Above image: Another silver lining surprise — when the couple removed the cabinet from the back of the kitchen, they discovered the home’s original oven!


So happy to see a before & after project again! And what a stunning one at that. Love the transformation, and especially the bit about discovering the hidden oven!

Jeanette @ This Dusty House

I love it! And how cool that they found the original oven hidden away in there! Almost too bad they couldn’t work it into the design, but, then again, totally understandable! I wouldn’t want to actually use that thing!

Ms Fras Fras

That’s the nicest kitchen I have seen in a long long time. Just makes me want to cook and drink tea. I feel homesick now…I grew up on a farm outside Wagga! It’s also pouring with rain here in Sydney now and 5 minutes ago I was cursing my backyard flooding again but now I think I might have reason to renovate the yard. Cheers!


oh how I love it!
Does anyone know where that lovely wall clock is from and how I can get my hands on one?!

Christy Wheatley

OMG I too live in Wagga Wagga too and had no idea we had such a talent in our midst. I am an upholsterer and have a small stall at the muddi markets at Gumly and just wanted to say what a beautiful reno you have done after such a terrible experience. I saw the devestation first hand and have helped a friend to get back on her feet. Good on you for doing such a beautiful job. Envy the open shelving. I too live in an old house and they are forever challenging but would not have it any other way.


a truly wonderful story of something bad turning into something super… love all the blond wood and the airy transformation, although I very much loved the ‘before’ (obviously one doesn’t see the dirt and damage just the cute layout). Thank you; I’m SO SO SO glad to see the Before/After is back – was getting worried.


Hi! Thanks for the lovely comments! The clock is a side of the road find – but you see them in government offices in Australia! We tried to incorporate the original oven into the design – but I really didnt fancy having to light a fire during our 40 degree summers – we’ve kept it under cover outside and are turning it into a pizza oven :) And

julie @ tractorgirl

WOOHOO! Go Soph & Tim! So very proud to see you on D*S, and you KNOW I <3 your kitchen (and the rest of the house, especially that perfect colour you've got in the lounge room xxx


What a lovely place! Gosh I really love that oven, it is simply beautiful and so big!


Utterly adorable, but it manages not to look twee. Just really great.


Funny how the screw heads were photoshopped out in the closeup image of the shelves


The clock is TWEMCO and they are made in Hong Kong. You can get them from eBay. I got mine when I went to Hong Kong. Went to the factory where they made them.