Atelier Stella

I’m not normally a sucker for things with faces on them, but for some reason, this time of year they weasel their way into my heart. Maybe it’s the romantic holiday or the need for a little smile during cold weather, but the cheerful faces on these Atelier Stella pieces are adorable. All of Stella’s work is designed, built, glazed and fired by hand, so each piece is truly one of a kind. I instantly added the cat piece to my shopping cart (I know, big surprise), but I’m eying those adorable footed planters, too. It never hurts to have an extra happy face cheering you on when you’re layering up to go outside in the cold. Click here to check out all of Stella’s new work (and shop, $32–$65 each) online. xo, grace

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These are so fantastic! I love the very first piece and the footed planters, and I have to say, the prices seem really reasonable.


Lovely pottery.
I am the opposite: I love faces on stuff….it’s ridiculous. My friends kid me about it. I think I either spent too much time in Japan, or too much time watching Pee Wee Herman.