After the Jump: Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers (MP3)

by Grace Bonney

This week’s radio interview subject was nothing short of the world’s greatest trooper when it came to recording. Stuck in epic traffic between Queens and Brooklyn, Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers managed to work her way out of gridlock to pull over and conduct her interview on the phone from the shoulder of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. If you’ve ever been on the BQE, you know what a feat that is. It’s like the Wild West on that highway. But she managed to call in and save the day by sharing some great details and insights about her career in photography, styling and entertaining.

I’ve been a fan of Karen’s Sunday Suppers series since its start back in 2009 and was so excited to finally experiencedinner (and learn to make pasta!) in person with Max and Amy a few weeks ago. The experience was challenging and exciting, and by the end of it, I left with a sense of pride that can only come from learning to make (and then making) food for a room full of friends and colleagues. Karen’s work has always centered around family and special moments spent with loved ones, so it was great to talk to her about the inspiration for her dinner series and how a love of communal dining led to a project that has now expanded into a book (due in Spring 2014!). I hope you’ll enjoy Karen’s interview. Thanks for excusing our grainy call quality, and thanks again to Karen for braving the ambulances and honks of the BQE for this interview! xo, grace

Listen here on Heritage Radio (streaming) and download the podcast on iTunes.

You can see Karen’s hand-written Top 5 Obsessions after the jump . . .

You can also check out Karen’s delicious recipes for Butternut Squash & Pomegranate Galette and Olive Oil Loaf Cake with Citrus Rosemary Compote on D*S.

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