After the Jump: Alex Eben Meyer (MP3)

This season of After the Jump has been close to my heart. Mainly because after warming up last year, I finally feel comfortable emailing people I consider dear friends. I’ve been scared to interview friends because I’m so worried about letting them down, but I’m glad I finally tried because it’s been such a wonderful way to get to know them even better and share how great they are with the rest of the world.

This week I got to sit down and interview illustrator Alex Eben Meyer. I met Alex years ago, through our mutual love of street hockey, and have admired his work and general awesome-ness as a person ever since. In addition to creating some of my favorite illustrations (including these indie rock birds I’m obsessed with), Alex is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and never ceases to remind me of the importance of being a good person and a great artist. Yesterday we shared at pizza at Roberta’s and talked about his early years in Philadelphia, his reluctance to focus solely on art in school and how supporting other artists has lead to great work and an incredible sense of community among his peers. If you’ve ever wanted to hear from someone who’s pretty much living the dream of making art for a living and keeping it all in balance, you’ll definitely want to listen to Alex’s interview. You can also check out Alex’s D*S sneak peek right here, his guest sketches for us from 2009, his sketchblog and website and, my favorite, the many faces of Alex during our interview. xo, grace

*You can also check out Alex’s handwritten Top 5 Obsessions after the jump below!

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Image above: 15 Uses for Newsprint (made for the Pencil Factory)

Image above: The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology textbook for W.W. Norton & Company

Image above: My favorite hot dog print of Alex’s

Image above: Clips from Alex’s sketchbook

Image above: Food spots for the zine Put a Egg on It

Image above: Fan illustration for

Image above: Sarcasm illustration for

Lauren Linhares LeDoux

I’ve always been a fan of Alex’s illustrations!


I love these illustrations! So great Grace, I’ve discovered some wonderful things by listening to After the Jump. My next trip to NY will include the Brooklyn Flea and I consider you personally responsible for my Of a Kind addiction (my bank account does not thank you).I’m so happy you’re back!