60 Great Valentine’s Day Cards

by Grace Bonney

This weekend when everyone else was watching the Super Bowl, I decided to indulge in some old romantic comedy favorites (one of which is tomorrow’s Living In subject) and work on a roundup of Valentine’s Day cards. Though I did take a break to watch Beyoncé, I spent close to six hours scouring the internet for cards that would deliver sweet messages to friends, family and loved ones. I edited my selection down to a top 60, but there are 100 more card ideas right here on my Pinterest card-research board. Whether you’re sending a note that’s romantic or just says “thanks for being my friend,” there’s something here for everyone. I’ve got my eye on that little coffee cup design below . . . xo, grace

Image above: 1. You Make Me Happy Card, $4.95 | 2. Hearts Notecard Pack, $12 | 3. Love Bug Card, $5 | 4. Let’s Get Coffee Card, $8 | 5. Love Scallop Card, $4 | 6. Gold Foil Heart, $12.50 | 7. Better Together Card, $6 | 8. Dog Card, $3.75 | 9. Kraft Card, $6 | 10. Just My Type Card, $4.95

Image above: 1. Queen Card, $4 | 2. Neon Heart, $5.50 | 3. Float My Boat Card, $4 | 4. Hearts Card, $4 | 5. Hearts Card, $3 | 6. Heart Notecards, 6 for $14 | 7. Perfect Match Card, $5

More Valentine’s cards after the jump . . .

Image above: 1. Wool Card, $5.50 | 2. Blossom Heart, 8 for $10.50 | 3. Cat’s Meow Card, $5.95 | 4. Favorite Thing Card, $4.95 | 5. Basic Needs Card, $4.50 | 6. Lion Card, $6 | 7. Besos Card, $6 | 8. Sweethearts Card, $4.50

Image above: 1. Red Heart Cards, 8 for $10 | 2. I Only Have Eyes for You Card, $20 | 3. XOXO Card, $5 | 4. Found You Card, $6 | 5. Owl Love Card, $5 | 6. Chalkboard Card, $3.50 | 7. Whale Card, $5 | 8. Be Mine Set, $9 | 9. Wood You Be Mine, $4.50 | 10. Be Mine Card, $4.50

Image above, clockwise from top left: Magic Card, $4.50 | Puzzle Card, $5.25 | Written in the Stars Card, $5 | 3D Hearts Card, $5

Image above, clockwise from top left: Mini Card, $2.50 | XO Card, 6 for $12 | Decoder Card, $5 | Tiny Hearts Card, $4

Image above: Crazy for You Card, $4

Image above, clockwise from top left: I Heart You, $4.50 | I love You Notes, 10 for $8 | Cactus Card, $5

Image above, clockwise from top left: Let’s Get Lost Card, $4 | Be My Valentine Card, $5 | Sweet Sweet Love Card, $4

Image above, clockwise from top left: Chalkboard Heart Card Kit, $20 | I Quite Like You, $4.50 | Gotcha Card, $4.50 | Debossed Heart Card, $3

Image above, clockwise from top left: My Favorite Card, $5.50 | Bull’s-eye Card, $5.50 | Telescope Card, $4.50 | Favorite Things Card, $4

Image above: Moon and Back Card, $4

Image above: Tulip Card, $4.50

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  • I these are all SO fun. You can’t beat valentine’s day for reveling in puns. :) I decided to make more doodle-based classroom cards for my daughter this year, though…since she is always asking me to draw things for her to color!


  • Fabulous cards, there are so many great ideas here. I always like to send the simpler cards. I think my favourite is the Lets get lost in a heart. I love that its not red!

  • I LOVE this round-up (no pun intended). Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!

    Sidenote: I noticed that the link for the “Gotcha” card is the same link for the “I quite like you” card.

  • Great choices! I love the Favorite Things card so much (from my valentine last year) it’s hanging framed on the wall.

  • These are lovely! I tried to buy a v day card online yesterday but the shipping time was 3 weeks – not helpful! Will have a look to see if I can get any of these. I like something not too sentimental, but still a little bit sweet!

  • i love the I <3 U cards. They're simple and understated, yet they get the point across. Love doesn't have to be expressed in a over the top kind of fashion, that's what I think.

  • I love all the cards, such fun and fresh designs! But I’m stumped as to why most of them are in the $4-$6 range, but there’s one that’s $20. (Actually there’s another $20 one, but it’s called a ‘kit’, so I suppose it has some extras included). So, what’s with that? Is there something super duper deluxe about that one? Just curious!

    • stefanie

      i agree that one has a pretty steep price (the non-kit one). it’s from a fancy LA studio so that’s all i can figure out. it’s letterpress which is an expensive process, but i think that fancy studio angle is probably what’s causing the price ;)


  • I love these cards but so many of these sellers have crazy shipping prices for a single card. The one with the Boston Terrier/Bulldog is looking for $8.95 shipping on a $3.95 card. I get that this is automated but as card sellers they should recognize they are losing sales.

  • What a heartfelt collection (sorry). And I love knowing a little of the D*S behind-the-scenes. Don’t know what I thought about how all this work happened – but it was fun to picture you with laptop toggling back and forth from love cards and movie to super bowl song! Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for including my Written in the Stars card! So honored to be shown alongside such amazing talent. Thanks, Grace!

  • I was going to get 3 cards and give them to my husband, but shipping was $3 on a $4 card for one, and $12 on 2 cards at another site. Sorry, card-makers, but that’s silly.

  • Thanks for including Two Trick Pony’s “Wood You Be Mine” card, Grace! We always love your support. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Thank you for featuring my Owl Love card! To the commenters upset about shipping prices, the USPS just increased rates with some shipping costs increasing upwards of 100%!! I package all my cards in flat rigid mailers with protection for the long journey, which makes them fall under a “package” rate as they are over .25″ thick. It’s not a huge increase for US based addresses, but it now costs more than the price of the card itself to ship it internationally. I’m sure I’m losing international sales due the hikes, but these are the prices we face now to ship our goods across borders and overseas. And I don’t even account for packaging materials, etc!

  • I love these valentine”s cards, it looks like they are made by kids. I love how they convey simplicity and yet they are made full of love. I’ve checked your Pinterest board too and they all looked great.