10 Great Presidential-Inspired Designs

The imagery and visuals of presidential campaigns have always fascinated me. The way people’s faces, sayings or actions are turned into inspirational objects and images is an art form, so I’m always following the ways in which that has changed throughout history. Last year Max delved into the history of campaign buttons, but today I’m sharing some modern spins on the traditional presidential imagery. From earthy ceramic mugs to bold motivational posters, there are so many fun designs on Etsy from independent artists. Here are 10 of my favorites. Happy President’s Day! xo, grace

Image above: Abraham Lincoln Pallet Coffee Table, $160

Image above, clockwise from top left: Jefferson’s 10 Rules to Live By Print, $45 | Jefferson Mug, $39 | Kennedy Plate, $65 | Washington Adams Campaign Shirt, $20

More presidential designs after the jump . . .

Image above: Lincoln Plate, $42 | The American Style, $33.22

Image above: Lincoln Plate, $22 | Lincoln Tag, $2 for 10

Image above: Lincoln Tie, $28


I love the Lincoln bench. It reminds me of some kind of miracle. Like the mother Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich. I doubt that was the intention but if it were mine I think I would come up with a pretty good story.