20 Beautiful Perfume Bottles & Atomizers

Max has a new Art in the Everyday post coming up this afternoon that’s dedicated to an iconic French perfume. It’s part of an upcoming French theme we’re working on, but before we dive into those, I wanted to round up some beautiful perfume bottles for anyone interested in making their own perfume and storing it at home or in their bag on the go. My favorite perfumes come in somewhat simple bottles, so one of these would be a fun way to make the scents a little more special. There’s a mix of 20 new, vintage and travel options in here, so I hope you’ll find something that works for you! xo, grace [I didn’t have the heart to post these because of the price tag but you’ve got check out these gorgeous Lalique options here, here and here]

Image above: 1. Faceted Perfume Bottle, $45 | 2. Flowering Bottle, $52 (for set of 3) | 3. Vintage Perfume Bottles, $92 (for set of 2) | 4. Lotus Perfume Bottle, $335 (splurge) | 5. Perfume Stick Roller, $45 | 6. Rebecca Wilson Perfume Bottle, $399 | 7. Yngaren Bottles, $14.99 (set of 3) | 8. Glass Atomizer, $4.99 | 9. Kaho Perfume Bottles, $52 (set of 3)

Image above, clockwise from top left: Travel Atomizer, $25 | Smithfield Perfume Bottle, $34 | Gold DeVilbiss Atomizer, $35

9 more perfume bottles after the jump . . .

Image above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Pink Atomizer, $50 | Amber Perfume Bottle, $35 | Femme Bottles, $12

Image above, left to right: Amaranthine Perfume Bottle, $78 | Oscillate Perfume Bottle, $78

Image above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Atomizer (yellow flower), $18 | Vintage Atomizer (pink), $28 | Vintage Sprayers, $29 (for those who want something less feminine)

Image above: Vintage Atomizer, $35


There is this, out of this world scene, in a black and white movie where a famous actress (maybe Bette Davis) sprays this HUGE perfume cloud from her atomizer in her dressing room and then walks through it. I wish I remember the name, but it was totally unforgettable.

Tanielle Lobo

I recently visited the Fragonard Museum in Paris with an exceptional collection of antique perfume bottles and I also came across this absolutely stunning shop in Paris at the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Montmatre with the most beautiful perfume bottles and atomisers. It is called Belle De Jour. Definitely worth checking out.


These are beautiful. I always forget to put perfume on in the morning, but if I had one of these I think I would remember! Lovely.

Miss Heliotrope

Pretty to look at, but would leave most of my scents in more airtight & protected from the sun containers…


Thank you for including such a wide range of price points, anyone can try fragrance making.


Great assortment! I have a collection of over 100 minis – old and new, filled and empty. any ideas on how to display them? (covered/closed display is better – saves damaging the labels when dusting) Looking for suggestions on lighting, glass or mirror cases etc