Wintry Floral Head Wreath

by The Ladies of Foret

We are currently obsessed with floral head wreaths. I mean, who isn’t? The idea of flowers adorning your crown like an ancient goddess doesn’t get much dreamier, and it feels perfect for winter whites and cream colors. The flower crown is often seen as something a flower girl wears during a wedding ceremony, but the trend extends beyond the youthful child tossing petals, with many brides adopting the look, as well. We also love this idea as a gift for a friend. Instead of giving her a bouquet, why not create a personal and beautiful head wreath that is catered to her style? Today, we’ll show you how we put together a simple, winter-inspired head wreath for any occasion. — The Ladies of Forêt

*If you don’t want to wear your flowers, this circular shape works perfectly as a centerpiece or table decoration. Just group a set of tapers, votives or hurricane candles in the center!

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Tips to Keep in Mind

  • When choosing flowers to use in your head wreath, research the varieties and how long they hold up outside of water.
  • If you’re using this for a wedding or event, make your wreath only a few hours prior to the event.
  • When not wearing, keep your wreath spritzed with fresh water and store in the fridge or a cool location. This will give the out-of-water flowers longevity.
  • If you choose to create an asymmetrical composition for your floral wreath with a pop of flowers on one side, you may need to secure the wreath with bobby pins on the opposite side to counter the weight of the flowers.



  • craft wire
  • flowers
  • floral tape
  • vines (optional)



1. Using wire or a thin woody vine, wrap it around your head to find the desired circumference. We love our wreaths to hug the head at an angle as opposed to being parallel to the ground. If using a vine like we chose, cut the vine to fit and secure the ends together with wire to form your wreath base.

2. Looking in a mirror, determine the placement of your floral pops and mark accordingly. Once you wire one cluster of flowers, reposition the wreath on your head to see if you need to make any adjustments and/or additions.

3. We wrapped our more delicate flowers with floral tape to lock in moisture. Then, with the wire, we secured clusters of flowers around the perimeter. Once we inserted our flowers, we went back in with greens to add texture and mask the stems. Notice the crisscrossing of the wire holding the stems to the vine; this makes it easy to squeeze the greens into the wreath by gently adding them between the floral stems and the wire.

4. Try it on! Are you starting to feel like a lady of antiquity? Want more, want less? Make adjustments and secure with bobby pins if the wreath tilts to one side or another.

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