Vintage Stands from Glitter & Grain

Ever since Kate’s DIY Recycled Cupcake Stand project from 2008, I’ve used these hybrid-style vessels for everything. No fancy stand for a dessert table? No problem. Just throw together a cup and a plate with epoxy, and you’re good to go. I’ve seen so many great examples of the trend online, and these beautiful pink and amber styles from Glitter & Grain are fantastic. I love warm pinks and mustard colors together — they always feel perfectly retro and feminine. Glitter & Grain is selling a wide range online right here, from $28 to $38 each. If you’ve got a little party coming up, these would be a great way to jazz up the table or buffet. xo, grace


Oh my…these are adorable. I can already imagine one of these sparkling on my fireplace. They would also do great on a dresser. Thanks for sharing.


They make great displays, too, for skeins of yarn, especially when they’re in ‘cupcake’ form, all wound up ready for knitting. I’m just one of these people that believes if good, great yarn is going to be so darn expensive and take so long to knit, well, by golly it better have another purpose in life. Yes, it should look pretty while it’s in the pre-garment stage. So it’s up on a cakestand you go, $100 worth of fiber!


I believe a potted plant would look “elevated” on one of these devices, especially in winter at a southern window where sun is at a premium and a plethora of pots are competing for light. Hmmmmm……the wheels are turning. Flea Markets here I come, cash in hand.

(Right now I am “storing” my traditional glass cakestand on the plant shelf with a potted plant on it, just to save space in the kitchen cabinets.)