Vintage Inspiration: French Glass Sculpture

This French glass sculpture was one of the first things we bought for the office, which seemed strange at the time, considering we didn’t even have a desk. But when we saw it at John Derian, there was just something about the colors. I’m not usually one for so many colors in one place, but the clarity of the glass brings it all together. And now, in the middle of winter when everything seems gray, I could use some color. — Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

Image above: 1. Handknit Swoon Throw, $79.95 | 2. Flecked Cardigan, $39.99 (on sale!) | 3. Red Enamel Tumbler, $16 | 4. Tourne Red/Blue Editing Pencils, $4 | 5. Marimekko for Iittala, $27.50 | 6. Baggu Seahorse, $9 | 7. Sables Croquants Lait Bar, $6 | 8. Quartz Cluster Necklace, $42 | 9. Imbiber Mug, $38 | 10. Kartell Dune Tray, $118

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Image above: 1. Kartell Stone Stool in Blue, $258 | 2. Tart Server, $18 | 3. Cobalt Spice Dish, $18 | 4. Lacquered Spade Bangle, $38 | 5. Italian Glass Pitcher, $16 | 6. Sunny Side Watering Can, $108 | 7. Set of 2 Sukat Makkaralla Glasses, $39 | 8. Emerald Vase, $328 | 9. Glass Water Bottle, $29.99 | 10. Array Luxembourg Side Chair, Fuschia, $395 | 11. Geo Drusy Ring in Aquatic, $76 | 12. Pink Drusy Square Stud Earrings, $118

Image above: 1. Ludlow Digital Watch, $9.38 | 2. Marimekko Bathrobe, $169 | 3. Swedese Colored Spin Stool, $320 | 4. Glass Crushed Cups (set of 6), $56 | 5. Aili Tulum Earrings, $138 | 6. Sagaform Cafe Loop Mug, $10 | 7. Mitten Kitten, $60 | 8. Pink Colorblock Tote, $56 | 9. Essex Upholstered Ottoman, $299–$449

Deanna Berg

I want that sculpture. I recently moved to Oslo from CA., and I’m sure it would have helped me get through my first winter here. Beautiful.


Wowee! I totally thought it was a few inches tall and wide and was intended to sit on the un-bought desk!?! ;-) I love it.

Rachel M

Oo! Oo! Oo! I have the Baggu seahorse bag! I get compliments on it all the time. I have to put diapers in something, so it might as well be awesome.


Hi, lovely glass sculpture. Did you do a post on the new office yet? Don’t know if I missed it or not! Jemma


Beautiful! Love the bursts of color for a gray day. When I first saw the sculpture, I actually thought you were highlighting Poppi Rings ( I have a few of them, and now I want to visit John Derian for the matching sculptures :)

Ruth oberg

Love the sculpture but can’t find it on the John Derain website. Is it only at the store? I live outside of Chicago


i love the colors, but it looks a bit like someone tied together a bunch of condoms ;)
but it has this perfectly spring-vibe to it!


I love this glass sculpture and also other items with bright color! They remind that Spring is coming!