Tea Egg

We have a seriously delicious tea recipe coming up on the site soon, so I’ve been daydreaming on the web, looking for cute accessories to go with it. I’m working on a teacup and teapot roundup, but this little guy was too cute to wait for the main post. Normann Copenhagen is always reinventing everyday kitchen tools, and this silicone Tea Egg infuser is no exception. It works just like a traditional tea strainer (although it looks like a girly karaoke microphone) and comes in six different colors, each dishwasher safe. While my commitment to back off coffee in the new year has already failed miserably, a little device like this might convince me to work more tea into my caffeine repertoire. Click here for more info and to order online ($18 each). xo, grace

Rebecca D

I will look forward to a teapot and tea posting. My favorite part of the day is when I sit down with a pot of tea. I never pass up an opportunity to recommend http://www.uptontea.com as a source for amazing teas of all kinds. Stellar customer service. Website needs a complete overhaul, but you can find what you need


I’ve tried this and another silicon tea infuser (Danish design, was similar but a tube that stood in the cup). IMHO they are just gimmicks, I’ve yet to use anything that improves on the tea bag/tea pot/tea leaves in the bottom of the cup.

Ps. this won’t work well with black tea. is better suited for herbal, large leaf green tea. will only make a standard size cup.