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Sneak Peek: Sasha Ritter

by Shannon Grant

Five months ago, Sasha Ritter relocated from California to New York and moved in with her friend and collaborator, Kristin Morrison. Having worked together on many design projects in California, their new Brooklyn apartment became the perfect opportunity for their first New York-based collaboration. Working within a tight budget, they pooled their resources, scavenged thrift stores and relied heavily on a generous network of friends who helped fill their home with beautiful and meaningful objects. Their light-filled, airy home is a constantly evolving space with an aesthetic they describe as clean and simple yet eclectic and a bit bold — a malleable canvas open for experimentation and reconfiguration. Sasha has a background in architecture but works with various mediums, including but not limited to creative direction, industrial design, styling and photography. A few of her most recent collaborations are with Armand Graham of TIMBRnyBrandt Graves of The Future Future; and, last but not least, with Kristin on their new interior design venture, rittermorrison. Kristin is currently a resident artist at Brooklyn’s Textile Art Center and is developing her own textile collection, Colour Plantae. Thank you, Sasha and Kristin, and a special thanks to Kyle Espeleta for the lovely photographs! — Shannon

Image above: This is our favorite room in the apartment, pictured here with some of our favorite things: namely the two pieces above the couch (Lana) and wooden stools (Darrick) from the talented duo Darrick and Lana (Fee) Rassmussen of Killscrow. We are also pretty in love with the amazing rug from our friend Michelle LeBlanc of Pretty Mommy.

Image above: I’d been dreaming of having some floating shelves in this space since the moment I laid my eyes on it. Lucky for me, our friend Armand of TIMBR made them a reality, and now I love going to sleep and waking up to this view every day, as well as changing it often to display a new find or gift from a friend. Some favorites on display here are: (from upper left) a graphite drawing and 3D printed sculpture (second shelf) by my brother, Benjamin Ritter; a wooden candlestick holder from my mom; a pinch pot I made; my lucky number 7 tile; a pencil sketch of mine with some special rocks; a painting (lower left) by another long-time friend, Dave Singley; a ceramic lace plate I made in Oregon; and a little Chinese ceramic container that was my grandmother’s. My parents were really great with helping to send some key mementos like these to make it feel like home. The rug on the foot of the bed is from Michelle at Pretty Mommy.

See more of Sasha’s light-filled Brooklyn home after the jump . . .

Image above: This is Krissy’s swatchbook of naturally dyed fabrics. She grows and forages many of the dye plants used for her work. We love having this book out to look through often and gain inspiration for any number of projects. Woven stools shown here are by Darrick Rassmussen of Killscrow. [There is a] ceramic vase and bowl, Object & Totem from Pretty Mommy, ceramic tray made by Sasha [and] a brass candleholder, a gift from Chi-lin Pendergrast.

Image above: The art wall includes pieces from Alisa Ochoa (cluster of three on the far left), another piece by Dave Singley (leaning) and our favorite plant friend, the little Kokedama (hanging plant by the mirror) by florist Lily Cuzor of TigerstoLilies. Our best thrift store find to date was this great dining table and chairs. We found it at a favorite spot a few blocks away from our apartment. We spent a really fun day at the Textile Arts Center dying canvas with various patterns and colors using Krissy’s natural dyes to reupholster the chair cushions. The plexiglass and maple chair is a piece I made a few years ago. It traveled all the way across the country, and it is now very much at home with its new chair friends here.

Image above: We eat a TON of produce, so these baskets are always in-flux: full, empty, full, then empty, all the time. The ceramic pieces were made by Krissy, and the baskets are from Michelle at Pretty Mommy.

Image above: Our hallway is always full of totes, bags, scarves, hats — anything you can hang from a hook. We use the totes daily, especially the ones shown here by Emily Diehl of Au Retour, a friend and neighbor. We also really love the gigantic wooden Coatrack Dots by Muuto from Design Within Reach. Kristin made the weaving at the end of the hall and the ceramic piece above it is by our dear friend, LA-based jeweler and ceramicist Kathleen Whitaker. We both pretty much only wear Kathleen’s gold earrings these days, and we love this little reminder of her and California at the end of our hall.

Image above: Kristin’s room is very light and serene and a lovely place to get cozy and relax. I love that it has a fire escape out the window to sneak out of for fresh air. The side table is another lucky local thrift store find . . . the rug, quilt and pillows are all from Shop Pretty Mommy. The ceramic arch on the table is by Alisa Ochoa, and the mug is from a collaboration between the legendary Los Angeles-based artist Peter Shire and The Ecology Center, an environmental non-profit started and run by Krissy’s fiancé, Evan Marks. We all spent a few days at Peter Shire’s Echo Park studio making and glazing the mugs that are now sold at The Ecology Center in their shop. Such a fun collaboration.

Image above: I think Kristin is working on one of her textile pieces here. You can see some more of her work in the background (three pieces to the far right, each framed on the wall) and more walnut floating shelves from TIMBR. Also pictured is a print by Alisa Ochoa and more textiles on the bed from Pretty Mommy.

Image above: Krissy says: I love my bed! I love to sit here, work here, read here and of course dream here. I am also fortunate to have another Lana Fee-Rasmussen piece hanging here in my room.

Image above: I really try to keep the feeling in my bedroom light, airy and peaceful. I need a place to fall asleep and wake up that is calming, especially living in a bustling, busy place like New York. That said, my desk usually looks something like this — stacks and containers of things everywhere, little drawings scattered around, mementos and letters from good friends, reminders, etc. The framed pieces on the wall (in color) above my desk are pieces I made with canvas and watercolor, the rug on my bed is from Pretty Mommy, the pillow I’m holding is from Au Retour, the framed photo is Chi-lin Pendergrast, the large indigo pillow is one of Krissy’s and the tiny blue pillow (I love this little lavender-filled thing) was a going-away gift from the lovely Ginny Magher.

Image above: This is maybe best described by Krissy: “Sasha’s desk is usually full of paper, pens and things to draw with . . . and one always knows where she’s been by the trail of drawings she leaves behind. I imagine her brain looks similar to her desk.” Mug, Peter Shire and The Ecology Center; vase, Blue from Mociun; wooden horse, Karl Zahn. Rocks are always given to me by one of my best pals, Kate Anderson, woodworker, designer and collector extraordinaire.

Image above: Our kitchen is compact, as in most small New York apartments, but it’s really the perfect size for us, complete with a mini-dishwasher that works like a charm, and this little cut-out bar that friends like to sit at and sip beverages and chat with us while we cook. All of the papers, photos, notes and drawings that we don’t know what to do with end up on the fridge. Krissy made the tiny hanging air-plant holders here using moss and wire. The clock is from Design Within Reach.

Image above: One has got to know the time right? What better place for a reminder than the kitchen? The framed photo above the stove is from our vintage sleuth buddies Jeff and Kate Dreher of Rex & Penny. They just opened shop in a quonset hut in Costa Mesa, CA (my hometown), and it’s amazing. I was fortunate to visit over the holidays. Clock is from Design Within Reach, and the rug was a gift from Chi-lin Pendergrast.

Image above: I guess this is a pretty typical scene in our home. It usually involves coffee or tea and either brainstorming about a project, a simple chat or indulging in something esoteric. We really love this room. The orange chair is another thrift store find, and the blanket pile includes some Turkish textiles we recently picked up, some from Krissy’s collection, and a red throw from Design Within Reach.

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  • that’s my girl sasha!! such a creative and lovely person, so glad she is featured on this blog.

  • i love this! i love that every item has a story or a friend connected to it – what a way to build a home.

  • What a delightfully homey and creative apartment you ladies have put together! Thank you for showing the way for other aspiring artists/designers.

  • What a delightfully homey and creative apartment you ladies have put together! Thank you for showing the way for other artists/designers.

  • Beautiful use of space – eclectic and artsy… yet homey and light. The dining area is a chic use of mixed media (love the hodge podge chairs!). All in all, Sasha is a highly talented and unique designer!!

  • What a surprise to see you here, Sasha! Lovely space. It’s inspiring to see what you are creating through following your gut and sweet collaboration! xo Diana

  • Beautiful apartment! Nicely done Sasha and Kristin and thanks so much for including me in this project. Can’t wait to see what rittermorrison does next!

  • I love you girls, I am so inpired to find art that connects to my life and friends, make floating plant designs and use my thousands of scarfs and tote bags as decoration in my apt hallway (thank you for showing me that its actually beautiful to own so many hehe) I love your space and the way you used it, so BEAUTIFUL; becuase of the two of you I have so many great ideas and can’t wait to get started. You two are very very talented and it totally showed; you two complemet each other yay!

  • Love the living room with the cool art on the brick wall, and the tables… Great combo with that rug. Killscrow has great talent, what a nice addition to your design

  • Marisa- the pillow is an oldie from my sister-in-law, I think she got it from Pottery Barn? Zola, the shelves are mounted with a custom metal screw attachment. Please contact TIMBR for more information. Thanks!