Sneak Peek: Best of Bathrooms

The bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. You have to work around so many bulky fixtures and utilitarian objects. My favorite bathrooms are those that treat the space as an extension of the house, with vintage objects, great artwork and beautiful rugs. Here are 50 great bathrooms that do it right. — Amy Azzarito

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Image above: A dark and dramatic bathroom that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The floor is linoleum, and the black gloss sink was from a salvage yard. This home is actually a Canadian gastro hotel: Sneak Peek: Jessica & Ash Bettenay.

Image above: This dark color is chalkboard paint mixed with 10% white. It’s the perfect color for art display. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Zoe Johns & Max Catalano.

Image above: Color can make a huge impact in a tiny bathroom. See more of this Austin, Texas, home here: Sneak Peek: Pete & Bailey McCarthy.

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Image above: Dark colors can do wonders for a bathroom. See more of this Toronto Victorian house here: Sneak Peek: Emma Reddington of the Marion House Book.

Image above: In the bathroom of his country escape in Victoria, Australia, the homeowner managed to find a matching sink and tub for only $60! See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Luke Mortimer.

Image above: The homeowner found all the items for her nautically themed bathroom in Australia from eBay. See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Paula of Tuppenny Farm.

Image above: With chalkboard paint, the pattern can be changed on a whim. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Tara Mangini & Percy Bright.

Image above: A relaxing bathroom in a Catskills vacation home. The tub is a black-bottomed clawfoot tub. The tub fill is a brass spigot originally used for a laundry basin and found on eBay. Subway tile on the walls and Carrara mosaic tile for the floors. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Jason Gnewikow & Jeff Madalena.

Image above: Instead of a shower curtain, try salvaged windows! See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Evan and Oliver Haslegrave.

Image above: A cheerful light blue bathroom in Tel Aviv, Israel. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Merav Sade.

Image above: A great industrial shower in Mexico City. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Enrique Arellano & Libia Moreno.

Image above: Somehow, Gregory Beauchamp’s favorite rug ended up in the bathroom of his Venice Beach home, but it really warms up the space and looks great next to the Pendleton towel. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Gregory Beauchamp.

Image above: Gorgeous wood-planked bathroom in Belfast, Maine. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Annie & Caleb Coggan Crawford.

Image above: Originally this bathroom was covered in ’70s wallpaper, but the homeowner wanted to take it in a more masculine direction. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Emily & Andrew de Stefano.

Image above: Black and white doesn’t mean lack of drama. See the full Dallas home here: Sneak Peek: Paige Morse.

Image above: The fern wallpaper is the highlight of this tiny bathroom. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Carla & Jack Fahden.

Image above: A white bathroom with simple wood furniture for a Scandinavian feel. See this full London home here: Sneak Peek: Jane Cumberbatch.

Image above: The orange tub is part of what gives this bathroom a Moroccan feel. See the full Nîmes home here: Sneak Peek: Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal.

Image above: The huge white ornate mirror adds some glamour to an all-white bathroom. See the full San Francisco home tour: Sneak Peek: Jochen & Tina Frey.

Image above: This white clawfoot tub stands out against the brown wall, making a huge visual statement in this Australian home. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Annabelle Kerslake of Fête Magazine.

Image above: A flocked wallpaper is the feature of this tiny bathroom. See more of this Austin, Texas, home here: Sneak Peek: Pete & Bailey McCarthy.

Image above: Dream shower in Austin, Texas. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Pete & Bailey McCarthy.

Image above: The clean white backdrop makes this bathroom the perfect place to display fun finds like the party banner and the bird cage. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Charity D’Amato.

Image above: The shower and floor are covered in
glazed handmade Moroccan tiles, which give the space a lot of texture. See the full Sydney, Australia, home here: Sneak Peek: Sarah Davison.

Image above: The tiny office bathroom gets added style with a navy door and bathroom sign. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Judith de Graaff.

Image above: A beautiful clawfoot tub in an 1860s Queen Anne historic brownstone in Baltimore’s cultural district.  See the full tour here: Sneak Peek: Wayne and Angie Wu.

Image above: This bathroom in Cape Town, South Africa, has so much light that it can practically function as a greenhouse. See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Monya and Jeremy Eastman.

Image above: This amazing sunken tub has water views. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Family Beach House.

Image above: This Portland bathroom is filled with treasured pieces. The wooden box was found at a flea market in Provence, the ceramic cup was made by a friend and the collage was part of a college art project series. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Julie Pointer.

Image above: The green vanity makes this tiny bathroom in Oakland, California, bright and happy. See the full home here: Sneak Peek: Rebekah Carey McNall of A & B Creative.

Image above: The ultimate luxury: an outdoor clawfoot tub. See the full Australian home tour here: Sneak Peek: Rachel Bending of Bird Textiles.

Image above: The vintage bottles in cool sea colors make this bathroom serene and spa-like. See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Josh & Diana of Casa de Perrin.

Image above: A vintage Singer machine as a bathroom vanity — perfect for a crafter. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Chrissy Poitras & Kyle Topping.

Image above: This might be a tiny bathroom, but it has plenty of shoe storage. See full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Katia Graeff & Family.

Image above: The homeowner found this bathroom cabinet on the sidewalk in her Brooklyn neighborhood. See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Ariel Dearie.

Image above: The deer bookends and wolf mask add a sense of humor to this bathroom in Toronto, California. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Sarah Foelske and James Milward.

Image above: Decal letters with a reminder to smile in a small bathroom in São Paulo, Brazil. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Cendira Carvalho & Rodrigo Ribeiro.

Image above: A feminine bathroom in Kansas City. The mirror was found for $19 in one of Kansas City’s many great antique markets. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Molly & Robert Josiah Bingaman.

Image above: The ultimate modern bathroom in Calgary, Canada. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Jess Loraas.

Image above: If you can’t add color on the walls, you can still be bold with artwork. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Kate Challis & Andrew Hollo.

Image above: This bathroom, with its salvaged clawfoot tub, is a vision in white. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Alexandra Grablewski and Todd Bonne.

Image above: More of the white bathroom, a salvaged sink paired with an antique brass toothbrush holder. See the full home tour here: Alexandra Grablewski and Todd Bonne.

Image above: Utilitarian outdoor hose handles give this New York City bathroom an unfussy, industrial look. See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Lauren Moffatt.

Image above: More of Lauren Moffatt’s industrial bathroom. The vanity is actually a Paul McCobb piece that Lauren found for $50.
See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Lauren Moffatt.

Image above: A great toothbrush holder solution! See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Bryan Minnich & Katie D’Angelo.

Image above: An explosion of tile in Marrakech. See full home (with lots of tile) here: Sneak Peek:
Caitlin & Samuel of Popham Design.

Image above: This bathroom was a labor of love. The homeowners did all the tiling themselves. They also splurged on radiant heat floors — perfect for cold Toronto winters. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Shaun Moore & Todd Caldwell.

Image above: Jewelry storage adds some bright color to an all-white bathroom. See the full London home here: Sneak Peek: Michelle Mason.

Image above: White oak bathroom cabinets and red chinoiserie wallpaper make a statement in this Atlanta bathroom. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: John & Vivian of Square Feet Studio.

Image above: A graphic shower curtain adds visual interest in a black and white bathroom. See the full Brooklyn home tour here: Sneak Peek: Kimberly & John Canale.

Image above: Arlo approves of the bathtub, too. See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Lizzy Janssen.

  1. Beccy says:

    I love the dramatic dark colours of the first photo with the black and white flooring. Also the dark grey walls with the white fixtures works really well for me. I creates a calm and peaceful vibe, just what you want you bathroom a bathroom to be!

  2. If only I had so much space in my bathroom…

    So many good ideas here! I think it might be time to do a bathroom refresh!

  3. stephanie says:

    aaammmaaaaaaaazzziiinnnng. why is my bathroom so lame?!

  4. Preeti says:

    Lovely posts ! So many good themes to inspire from.

  5. Lauren says:

    the wood panelled bathroom in Maine reminds me of my husband’s grandmother’s bathroom, also in Maine! We both love it so much and are always talking about how we can recreate it in our house :)

  6. Dina says:

    So beautiful!!! Love them!

  7. Some great ideas here! We’re in the planning process for updating the bathroom in our 1920 bungalow (which still has the original plumbing and clawfoot tub), and it’s great seeing so many different styles here that mix old and new. Thanks!

  8. Cordu says:

    Wow, love those! What a great source of inspiration, thanks for posting :)

  9. cheri says:

    sooooo much inspiration, thanks for the ideas

  10. we are moving to a new house next month and will have the black/white-flooring – now I got the right colour beside – love the petrol on the wall! thanks so much for the inspiration * julia

  11. Alice says:

    What a joy that at least a few people managed to use color. I’m guessing those are the oldest images? The whole white-on-white-on-greige thing was a refreshing palate cleanser in 2010. After two years tho… For a while, I thought it was just a risk averse response to cultural tumult, but lately it’s starting to feel like some creepy subtext about purity.

    1. Grace Bonney says:


      i don’t think everyone’s implying so much with their white paint- i think it’s most people’s response to busy lives and a need for simplicity at home ;)


  12. karina says:


  13. Aidel.K says:

    Lovely roundup–thank you.

  14. All so lovely in their own way-I also love the use or oriental carpets in a bathroom. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  15. Samantha says:

    Love this post! So many great spaces.

  16. Katy says:

    Does no one take showers, or did they just take down the shower curtains for pictures?

    1. Grace Bonney says:


      I think most of them are just taken from angles where you can’t see the curtain. I saw at least 10 with curtains in there, but there were a few without curtains- but they were more modern designs where I think they’re supposed to keep water within some sort of tiled floor area. But I think a lot of them were just shot from angles where the curtain wasn’t in the picture ;)


  17. Amber Freda says:

    Wonderful inspiration photos. Love bear claw bathtubs, blue tile, white faux lambskin rugs, and seashells in the bathroom. I have lots of great inspiration photos of bathtubs up on my blog.

  18. Laura says:

    These are great. Could you recommend an online source for interesting wallpaper?

  19. Aimee says:

    Love the Octopus Tiles!

  20. Shannon says:

    This has got to be one of the best collections of bathroom images for ideas that I’ve ever seen. I look for different and unexpected all the time, and you’ve given a lot to inspire. Thanks

  21. Thanks for this wonderful post.The beauty of a bathroom lies in the little ornamentations that are infused as part of the design. While the fixtures are common to in every bathroom, it’s the decorative pieces define the real character of the space. For instance, deer bookends and the wolf mask create a rustic ambiance. I love the use of jewellery storage stands. They add a lot of functionality and bring in a dash of colour to the white bathroom space. The concept is perfect for contemporary designs. Decorative lamps and vases offer a lot of character to the design. Thank you for sharing this great collection of stunning bathroom images!

  22. uk bathrooms says:

    I love this post and all the pictures you put here. I am looking for some information about how to restyle my bathroom, so this will help me a lot :) Thanks!

  23. Awesome post about bathroom vanities. Thanks for sharing!

  24. All great ideas. Liked a lot of the pictures that you posted. Love the showers with the shower head above. Also I liked the one with the sunken in tub. It was a great looking bathroom. Thanks for posting the pictures. They all gave me certain ideas that I can use on my bathroom.

  25. Camille B. says:

    This post if full of soooo many bathroom ideas! And I was actually surprised to see how many free standing sinks there were (as opposed to sinks within a bathroom counter). Thanks for sharing!!

  26. These are all interesting and awesome! This is really an excellent post as there are a ton of bathroom ideas. I love the frames, the showers, the tubs and the sinks featured here. I couldn’t really choose just one because there are many wonderful pictures and ideas but all of these are going to be helpful.

  27. Nice concept showing idea with images, so that can be so easy to understand thanks for all great work.

  28. Rose says:

    Awesome idea you give for the bathroom designs and its such a good thing i like it.

  29. Wow! All these bathroom designs are mind blowing and different from each other. Now people have so many themes to choose.

  30. Thanks for sharing the right way to decorate your bathroom. I like these ideas and make use of them.

  31. I like the “art gallery” idea and find it unique. Thanks for these voluminous bathroom ideas. The possibilities of decorating a bathroom without spending much are endless.

  32. It looks fantastic – thank you for sharing! I really love the look of bathroom.

  33. Each bathroom featured has its own statement. Very uniquely done!

  34. It takes a bit of creativity and style to create amazing small bathrooms. Thanks for these amazing bathroom ideas!

  35. Beth says:

    I think it’s great that each design reflects the personal style of the designer. There is no one design that will be appealing to all, yet if you’re looking to sell your property go for a more neutral design that can be adapted depending on personal taste.


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