Smith Handmade

by Grace Bonney

Some things get drilled into you at an early age: a love of animals, a respect for elders and, in my case, an extreme reverence for piping. Growing up, it seemed like everything around me got piping or some sort of border. Couches, jackets, pillows, you name it and the southern women in my life wanted to attach some trim to it. Because of that super-sized serving of piping, I’ve always had a soft spot for anything with a polished detail around the edge. These table linens from Amanda at Smith Handmade are a great spin on the look with a little bit of neon. I know neon has sort of had its moment, and many people are ready for it to disappear for a while, but I’ll never get tired of it in little bits and pieces like this. For some reason, neon feels season-less — fun and bright in the winter, and cheery and sunny in the summer. Amanda sells these napkins, placemats and pillows on her Etsy shop right here, where you can check them out in more detail and place an order ($11–$42 per piece). xo, grace

*Stay tuned for a serious dose of piping, borders and trim today. I’m doing a big roundup of my favorite examples in the market, as well as a fun organizational DIY project using ribbon trim.

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