New Year’s Resolutions + Tips for Keeping Them

Grace’s 2013 Resolution

I haven’t been this excited to start a year of blogging since the first day I nervously typed the words “Design*Sponge” into a polka-dotted Blogspot template. Nine years later, I’m still thankful and excited to take on all the challenges and opportunities ahead of us with everything I have and to try to make this year the best yet. Reading all of the beautiful hand-written resolutions from the design community inspired us to share some of our own, as well as the beautiful resolutions YOU shared with us on Instagram over the holiday break. From commitments to healthier living and balanced lives to vows of mental clarity and world travel, you guys have some amazing (and inspiring) ideas that I think everyone will enjoy. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their personal goals. We promise to stick to our team resolution of providing the best posts, ideas and inspiration we can every day, all day. Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to see you again on Monday. xo, grace

Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions

  • Keep it simple and realistic. Don’t set goals that involve big purchases or a total change in your daily routine. Small changes are easiest to keep.
  • Write them down and display them somewhere you’ll see them every day. The fridge door, the back of your front door or taped to the top of your laptop work well.
  • Make it public! Sometimes, if you let people know about your goals, it’s the extra push you need to get them done. Try posting your resolutions on Facebook, Twitter or your blog or sending them in an e-mail to close friends.
  • Make seasonal resolutions: Let yourself dream big and put things on the list that you might not get done over the winter but that will be enough to get you moving in the right direction. Then adjust and add more as the year progresses.
  • Build a support group. If your friends and family know what your goals are, they’ll be better able to keep you on track.
  • Reward yourself! Set small goals for yourself and enjoy a small reward when you meet goal points along the way.
  • Allow yourself a slip up or two. A few small mistakes or setbacks are only natural. Don’t let them derail the long-term goal. Shrug them off and try again the next day.
  • Helpful Apps: Mint (finance), Fantastical (calendar), 30/30 (awesome timed task app), Sleep Cycle (sleep better), Fooducate (know what you’re eating), Mindful Eating, Buddhify (mindful meditation)


Amy’s Resolution: I’m entitled to Italian citizenship through my great-grandfather. It’s just a matter of filling out mounds of paperwork. I’m determined to do it this year.

Max’s Resolution: Clear my mind.

20 more fantastic resolutions from Design*Sponge readers (plus this week’s Weekly Wrap Up) continue after the jump . . .

Design*Sponge Weekly Wrap Up


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My resolution is to suck it up and cut off all my hair like Robyn’s.


Very interested in hearing about the Italian citizenship process. I could apply as well, but it seems daunting.

Paper Friday

Wow! So many of these are so inspiring. I will try to keep mine realistic too as I usually end up giving up mid January!

Amy Azzarito

Hi Heather – You should do it too! It is a lot of paperwork! – Amy


For anyone resolving to quit smoking this year, check out a new Facebook app called UbiQUITous ( – it helps you make your goal public, build support from your friends and family, and is full of personalized advice on quitting!


Grace, love it! I literally just ran across that Robyn video yesterday, and am totally and completely in love with her. I would like to share your resolution. Happy 2013!


LOVE the jar project! Only I would definitely read the comments at least once a month as a boost!

julia binfield

I’m inspired by Amy’s resolution to get Italian citizenship too! I’ve lived in Milan for years but it never seems to be the right morning to face up to the burocracy… with elections coming up at the end of February, now would be the time.


Amy, I am eligible for Italian citizenship as well, and have been wanting to look into it for a long time! What is the first step you are taking? I would love to be your resolution buddy or be able to follow your process. I am clueless on where to begin. Best wishes!

Lisa Schramek

Good luck everyone! Love seeing all the resolution images- says something about the inner workings of each mind. The jar project is calling my name.
To cardboardsea… you should come to Alaska. I live here and love it. Southeast Alaska is like an oasis and there are ways to do it on a budget!


The jar project is wonderful! Did it for 2012 and we had a blast reading it on New Years Eve. We did include little notes on things that just didn’t work as a reminder! My daughter wrote “Bangs…not such a good idea” and attached a picture! We had a good chuckle and it reminded us that we have a chance a at a fresh start! Best in 2013 to all! This year I want to learn to knit…so scarves for ALL!


Good luck with the citizenship! I live in Italy and after six years of procrastination and paperwork, finally submitted my application in August (through paternal grandfather).

Here are a couple of things I didn’t really know before submitting the paperwork at the anagrafe office:
1. Make sure your apostilles are less than a year old (this might be for my town only, if you are doing this in the USA, check with your consulate)
2. We had to use an “official” translator for the docs, but each consulate has a different requirement and it may not be necessary.
3. For the Certificate of Non-Existence, make sure you search for both the Italian and American versions of your grandfather’s name (ie: Paul or Paolo). **This document is the most important of all – you have to prove that your grandfather was never naturalized as a US citizen. My grandfather was born in Italy, but left when he was 6 years old. His father was naturalized, but since Grandpa was a child, he was not.

tina hambly

Oh this was just so good! Just got my mason jar out and filled it with the first thing in the New Year we did with our kids. I cannot wait to fill it and on New Year’s Eve celebrate and remember all the good this year will bring. We often take so much time on the year ahead we forgot to honor what was achieved in the year past. It will be our luckiest yet – 2013!


Very nice! I love that you want Robyn to be your B.F.F. haha, I love her! Your blog is amazing and inspires me all the time.. keep it up!


I wish all these very creative people the best of luck (and force of will) to complete their dreams/ resolutions! I resist making resolutions because I always give up or forget…though I’d like to make a vision board for 2013 and watch the magic happen :)

Windmill Farm

Great ideas! Love the jar of good things. And also to allow myself to be a beginner, that one is hard because at my age, I think I know something about everything!!! Love your site. Happy New Year. Windmill Farm


Thanks so much for recommending the Apps, the 30/30 looks fantastic and just what I need – really! All the resolutions were great to read, love the “taking more risks by losing site of the shore”:)


i like all these instagrams! also grace, i loved seeing your old blog layout! crazy how far it’s come… :)

Hannah H

Thanks so much for posting this! I always make New Year’s Resolutions in my head, but never do anything with them and find myself not getting anything accomplished. These tips are GREAT and I will defiantly use them this year. I also love the pictures you posted with them. They are so cute and creative and they give me great ideas as to what to do with my resolutions and where to put them. Let’s hope I get more done this year!! Thanks again for the inspiration and artsy pictures to look at!!!!!