New Year’s Resolutions from the Design Community

Before we packed up for the holiday break, Max, Amy and I talked about New Year’s resolutions. We all asked about each other’s and inevitably started wondering what resolutions some of our favorite people would make. So over the holiday, I reached out to a few of our favorite artists, designers, bloggers and creative people to find out their hopes, wishes and goals for 2013. Inspired by the “favorite part of my home” section of our weekly Sneak Peeks (in which home owners photograph hand-written notes), each person sent a handwritten resolution photographed in their home. I hope you enjoy their goals as much as we did. I was so inspired by some that I added them to my own list. Before we leave lists behind, we’d love to know what your goals are, too. What are you hoping to do this year? Or not do? I’m pretty sure “pizza for breakfast” (which happened two days in a row over my break) is on my list of don’ts. Feel free to share your hopes and goals for 2013 in the comment section below. Best wishes from all of us at D*S for a wonderful 2013. Whether your lists are finished or not, we hope all of you have a year full of happy days and inspiration ahead of you. xo, grace

*P.S.: Tomorrow we’ll be sharing beautiful handwritten resolutions that you guys shared on Instagram with us! We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite tools for writing resolutions and sticking to them. Stay tuned for both tomorrow.

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Currie Person of Spartan Home and Beam & Anchor

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Carson Ellis

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Dana Tanamachi

Read on to see resolutions from Kate Bingaman Burt, Kim Krans, Caitlin Keegan, Sian Keegan, Joy Cho, Sierra and Juliet of Poppies & Posies, Lisa Congdon, Ashley G, Cori Kindred, Diana Yen, Paul Lowe, David Stark, Denyse Schmidt and Erica Domesek!

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Kate Bingaman Burt

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Kim Krans

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Lisa Congdon

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from David Stark

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Ashley G

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Caitlin Keegan

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Sian Keegan

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Juliet of Poppies & Posies

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Sierra of Poppies & Posies

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Diana Yen of Jewels of New York

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Erica Domesek of PS I Made This

Image above: New Year’s resolution from The Brothers Mueller.

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Denyse Schmidt

Image above: New Year’s Resolution from Cori Kindred


This year I wanted to find a job, and finish reading the books I have not read.

Rose Duggan

Eating pizza for breakfast is on my to DO list. I stand by the third-grade assertion that it contains all the food groups.

la domestique

I love this post! My fav is Erica’s resolution to organize her jewelry- too funny and true! My main resolution: to keep pushing myself creatively beyond what I think is possible- don’t let up! Thanks for the inspiration. It’s going to be a great year!


These were fun to read, and so pretty! I would struggle with the “be annoyed less” , although I feel grateful for many things. I think one of my resolutions is to not be a silent bystander on the sites I frequent.


These are all so beautiful and inspiring. I think taking the time to graphically depict a resolution might(!) help me stick to it.

Leslie Kingery

These are so wonderful! Love them all. Lovely idea, Grace.


I may have gotten this from a movie but it has stuck in my head likes it’s meant to be there; Talk less about shit you don’t like and more about things you do.
Positivity is Key :)

Oh and definitely get more tattoos if only so my mum will call me more to tell me off about it ;)

Brittany Kay

These are beautiful! I decided to do short term goals this year and then reevaluate after every 52 days. It divides the year up into 7 smaller categories and I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I have a couple of goals for each of 7 areas: financial, physical (floss my teeth every day!), social (host friends for dinner every week), mental (read a book each month), career, family, and spiritual. At the end of each 52 day period I keep what I like and change what I don’t like. It’s something new, but I’m really looking forward to a fresh start!


I love the simplicity of these. And my dear friends at Ladyfingers Letterpress “It’s going to be O.K.” is one I can embrace daily. Thank you Grace for the lovely gathering. Best best in the new year.


Beautiful and inspiring, and by reading these resolutions I’m keeping one of mine for 2013: spend time daily with creativity.


Great collection of resolutions, with a few that I would like to add to my list :) With such inspiration, who can help but be encouraged to strike out and make 2013 our best year yet?! Here’s to taking small steps in the direction we want to go, and to continue throughout the year, with our sense of humor and gratitude intact!

Julie K

LOVE The honesty & truth of being less annoyed & more grateful. ok, i love them all.
using an app I made to keep me honest about my resolutions everyday. I will be repurposing some of these!!


These are great. Now I have the urge to add, “Improve my handwriting” to my own resolution list.


I always only have one resolution – open the mail. But I am also starting a gratitude notebook with my 5 year old and husband.

Charlotte Beatrice

this year I’d like to take more little adventures with my friends. lovely post!