Mario Kolaric

by Grace Bonney

There was a lot of diary talk here at D*S yesterday, so it only seemed right to start this morning with some beautiful artwork from Mario Kolaric’s Diary Fragments series. Mario had been working in notebooks, jotting down small ideas and concepts, for years, but decided in 2010 that he would display these smaller fragments from his journal as an ongoing series. For the past two years, Mario has displayed beautiful line drawings that demonstrate a love of rich, saturated color and a mastery of color contrasting. I’m partial to these pieces above and below, but you can view Mario’s full and continuing collection online right here. Mario also did an interview with Open Lab Magazine right here that gives some additional insight into the series and its overall inspiration. xo, grace

*P.S.: I hope you’re all staying warm out there. It’s 11 degrees here in Brooklyn today. Brrr!

More images from Mario Kolaric’s diary series after the jump . . .

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