Marimekko Satula iPhone Case

Most people who watched Sex and the City seemed to focus primarily on the clothes. Being a total house nerd, I preferred pausing taped episodes like a weirdo to figure out what pattern was on Carrie’s curtains. While I still haven’t found the incredible clock that was on the hotel nightstand during the “Carrie and Big Resume Their Affair” episode (I can’t even find a picture or forum mention of it online), I found that beautiful pink fabric and promptly ordered it from Finland to hang in my old apartment. While it was voted “a little too pink” by most people in my life, I still hold a soft spot in my heart for that pattern, Marimekko’s Satula. Luckily it now comes in a smaller, easier-to-digest-the-pink form: this new iPhone case. Since the pink curtains were sold to a happy home in my last apartment sale, I might need to wishlist this guy so I can have a little Carrie fabric back in my life. If you’re a fan of Satula or any Marimekko pattern, you can check out the full selection and shop online right here. (Just a heads up: The price is a little steep, at $48.) xo, grace


Oh I could use one of those. My iphone is coming in next monday, so am on the lookout for a great iphone case, this one is on the pricey side though.


I completely know what you mean! I was obsessed with the mid century bench Carrie had at the foot of her bed. It had a green leaf pattern on the upholstered seat that reminded me of barkcloth. I looked all over online for info on it but found nothing, and was shocked nobody else was as obsessed with it as I was :)


I did the same thing! Every single time those curtains came into view, I thought how much I loved them and tried to figure out how I could replicate them.

Grace Bonney


I did the same thing and ended up having them made for my old bedroom. MAN are they pink. It ended up being a little much ;)



I can’t help myself:

The curtains were made with “Tantsu”, but the pattern on the phone case is “Satula”. Both by Maija Isola, and sort of versions of the same thing.

Lovely pattern though :)