Make It Yours: Shara Henderson and Paul Wesolek

Photographers Shara Henderson and Paul Wesolek arrived in London with nothing but their suitcases and cameras. They’ve furnished their home in Brockley, a leafy suburb in southeast London, by scouring flea markets and keeping their eyes open for street finds. They have an attic space that they use for guests and a studio space; during the winter, they spend a lot of time up in the “Nook,” working hard on the computer and watching DVDs. The red Perspex chair is an original Kartell chair from Italy, the throw on the bed is from a trip to Morocco and the slippers are from a street market in Paul’s hometown of Wrocław, Poland. — Amy Azzarito

See more of Shara and Paul’s London home in their sneak peek.

Image above: 1. The Polaroid Book, $10.19 | 2. Highlander’s Women’s Slippers, $26.95 | 3. 1963 Checker Taxi Cab, $8 | 4. Acorn Oval Mirror, $995 | 5. Vintage Crochet Blanket, $22 | 6. Lined Paper Pillow Cover, $48 | 7. Lizz Chair by Kartell, $242.25 | 8. Grassland Throw, $39.99

It’s obvious from their decorating style that Shara and Paul have a sense of humor. From the yellow taxi cab toy to the notebook-patterned pillows, there’s a sense of whimsy in their decorating.

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Image above: The couple spends most of their time in this lounge room, which gets amazing light in the afternoon. The owls on the wall are the work of Shara’s brother, Darren, who sends her home with an owl when she visits her family in Melbourne. The Anglepoise lamp is a example of Shara and Paul’s bargain-hunting skills — they found it for only £3 at Deptford Market. The multicolored Union Jack pillow is another great example of their tongue-in-cheek decorating.

Image above: 1. Diamond Owl, $200 | 2. Union Jack Pillow, $49.95 | 3. IKEA Stockholm Cushion, $12.99 | 4. Moroccan Vintage Berber Pillow Cushion Cover, $119.05 | 5. Johnny Convertible Sofa, $299.99 (on sale) | 6. Black Anglepoise Lamp, $150

Kim L.

The owl paintings are adorable! I love how they mix in fun, vibrant colors throughout their home.


Wow. Is it recycled basket made of newspapers under the red chair?


Yay! Polish “pantofle” get a shout-out on design*sponge! I’ve been wearing highlander’s slippers since I was old enough to walk, and now since I live in New York, my parents (who also happen to live in Wrocław) send me a new pair every year. They’re the best. On that website they also have fur-lined leather baby booties that may end up making an appearance at every shower I go to from here on out.
The only sad part is, it’s easier to get these slippers now on a website, than it is at the street market that they used to be ubiquitous at.
(and thank you for spelling Wrocław right!) :)


Woohoo this was one of my all time favourite sneak peeks, and to make it even better, I’m moving to Brockley next week! Secretly hoping to bump into shara and Paul so I can make friends with them haha!