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Make It Yours: Naomi Stein

by Amy Azzarito

Naomi Stein describes her aesthetic as modern bohemian glamour. She gravitates toward an eclectic look, mixing colors, patterns and time periods. This was Naomi’s first apartment completely alone, without having to factor in a roommate or a boyfriend’s tastes, so she pushed herself to take risks with color, pattern and art. Her office nook (above) was located in a dark corner of the loft, so Naomi decided to lighten it up with a bright blue. It was the perfect complement to her bright pink Parsons desk (she painted a vintage find with Glidden’s Very Berry). For a little contrast, Naomi added the wall shelf, a huge 50 lb. live edge piece of wood. The side cabinets are actually Ikea’s Rast drawers, which Naomi updated using Harper overlays. Thanks to Courtney Apple for the lovely photos of Naomi’s apartment. — Amy Azzarito

See more of Naomi Stein’s home right here.

Naomi made her side cabinets using the Ikea Rast dresser and overlays (more details are here).

Image above: 1. White Foo Dogs (You could turn these guys into lamps using a lamp kit.), $49.99 | 2. Moroccan Tower Candle Lantern, $14.95 | 3. Macau Side Chair, $429 | 4. Peacock Feather (2 pack), $5.47 | 5. Tangerine Orange and Hot Pink Indian Paisley Elephant Silhouette, $35 | 6. Hand-sculpted Elephant and Monkey Tape Dispenser, $158 | 7. Olympic Brilliant Blue | 8. Brass Candleholder Set (many other options on Etsy), $35 | 9. Parsons Desk, $199 | 10. Glidden Very Berry Paint

See more of Naomi’s home (and how to make it yours) after the jump . . .

Naomi’s bedroom is just as girly as the office nook, but a bit more sedate. She paired an Urban Outfitters headboard (found at a sample sale for $60) with a batik dyed bedspread.

Image above: 1. Coral Fretwork Pillow, $60–75 (depending on the size) | 2. Porcelain Garden Stool, $129.99 | 3. Coral Lamp, $139.91 | 4. Copper Plate, $6.64 | 5. Marilyn Monroses Print, $45.99–124.00 (depending on the size) | 6. Alarm Dock, $35 | 7. Rattan Elephant Hamper, $89 | 8. Colorful Pagoda Pillow, $165

Image above: Mociun Vines Duvet Cover, $149

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  • Naomi, I fangirl a little every time I see some of your stuff pop up here or on Apartment Therapy. Hope you’re doing well!

    -Johnny’s cousin Becca (the one that went to PSU)

  • This was one of y favorite homes, so I’m happy to see this feature. I love the blue and pink combo- I’m actually working toward it in my living room.

  • I love the live piece of wood, it adds a nice touch of texture especially against the flat, smooth wall. You could even duplicate this with the wedges of wood pieces you find at the local craft stores…slice off a flat edge, make it so you can hang it on the wall. Pronto! Instant North of the Woods shelf, good for displaying small statues, etc.

  • Wonderful combinations of colors, textures, and objects. Makes me feel happy to look at the pictures. Miro plus elephants and Marilyn. Wow!

  • An all-time favorite SP–and right in my neighborhood! Everything about this apartment is to die for.